Vick the Prick: Re-do or No-do?

If you had asked me, maybe even as recently as three weeks ago, whether I would define myself as idealistic, I probably would have laughed in your face. Partly because I like to laugh in people's faces, but mainly because I am uber-judgemental. Lately, however, I have been repeatedly disappointed by American "role models", and I have to ask myself: Self? Are your expectations too high? Or are you simply a blind idealist?

I suppose if I answered that question right now, it would have to be both. My expectations must be off the charts, because I cannot condone this attitude of goodwill and forgiveness towards a person that mutilates another living being after using it for violent means. And apparently I must be a naive idealist, as I think public figures should create strong moral standards and be examples that we can point to as our leaders and role models.

I am, of course, talking about Michael Vick.

I certainly believe that people constantly evolve throughout their lifetimes, and I definitely believe in 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances. Hell, I've had my share. But there's a big gap between giving repeats to people who atone (ah, I hate that word) for their wrongdoings and people who want those repeats just because they think they should have them.

To be fair, I have heard nothing from Vick about being accepted back into the NFL. But I think he's the only one that hasn't expressed an opinion about it.

Vick has agreed to a plea bargain, guaranteeing prison time. He has agreed to plead guilty to several charges. He was the ringmaster in a disgusting and inhumane practice, the underground world of dogfighting. He mutilated animals: chopped off their heads, drowned them, and killed them in what resembles the anti-humane. (In my brash opinion, there is not a long way to go from mutilating animals to mutilating humans. Most serial killers would agree.) And that was after he forced them to fight, sometimes to the death, and certainly to the pain. He hasn't even gone to trial, and already there are those voices coming to his aid, urging our country to give him his re-do.

Well, I say fuck that.

Until he does his fair share of community work, work with animals, donating to charities, and the rest of that celebrity walk-of-humility (do they have rehab for animal abuse?) then I say he gets no second chance. Action, motherfuckers. Action, action, action.

So screw you R.L. White. Vick has to prove to me that he deserves to earn that multi-million dollar paycheck before he goes back to the NFL. He must make amends. And yes, I think it is fair to hold our public figures to a higher standard. They make the big bucks because they appeal to a huge part of the American public. With great power (money, media pull, corporate sponsorships) comes great responsibility, and if we don't hold our role models to these standards, we are undermining the moral codes that keep our society functioning.

In the words of a famous little man with a funny hat: Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Some interesting commentary, from both sides, on this Michael Vick issue:
one from an asshat
one from a realist, with the a view of the bigger picture

Cheers! And love your animals.


  1. A-fucking-men, Boo. As far as I'm concerned, they should bury him under the jail. I'm tired of the people who say "it's not like he was abusing humans". No, he wasn't. But there's an inherent cruelty in dogfighting that some don't seem concerned about. You're right - this is how serial killers get their start. Never let him back, and I hope he's ostracized by society forever.

    Plus, he was always overrated anyway.

  2. Same here. The hoopla around this made no sense. Why is it that folks can rally around protecting this guy from a just criminal charge for doing something not only illegal but disgusting as well? Especially when folks like the Jena Six are still suffering much worse for no good reason?

  3. tk: he was certainly promising, but he had yet to win any significant game (lost the BCS national championship in 2000, lost (twice) to the Eagles for the NFC divisional championship in 2003 and 2004). sorry, but no wins, no gravy.

    vermillion: agreed and agreed.

  4. Well I have just read your latest posting, I hadn’t heard of this over hear in the UK, but shit like this makes me sick to the bone (as I am a bit of an animal lover, in the right way that is). It might be an idea for him to try and make amends by donating a kidney and an eye to the needy and then offer up the rest of himself to a hungry and deprived pride of lions in Africa for a little sport.

    People like this think that they are above retribution because of their status, but saying that I guess there are many people that would not find this behaviour offensive and think of it as entertainment.

    No wander you sounded so vocal about this barbaric behaviour, when I started reading I had no idea what you were so pissed about, but now I understand, let us all know what pans out when you get any news.


  5. Yeah, I suppose American football doesn't get much press in the UK, but it's been all over the news AND the sports channels here.

    Anyway, so far the news is he has accepted a plea deal and will definitely face jail time. Most are speculating around 2 years.

    Unfortunately, I feel like he'll be treated like a celebrity in jail, instead of being ass-raped like any other asshat.

    C'est la vie.

  6. Celebrities in prison, they don't get treated any different to any other inmate. You only need ask Paris Hilton to testify to that fact......

    We can find American Football here, but you need to look hard for it, normally late at night on one of the sports channels, or get a copy of USA Today but you are right there's not much coverage here.

    Just one other observation, what's with the new photo, showing off a new hair style?

  7. Well, I'm thinking more along the lines of how the other inmates will treat him. A star football player serving hard time for dog fighting? He'll definitely be treated as a celebrity.

    Yep, pseudo-new haircut (it's already too long again).

  8. I guess that you are right about that statement. About the hair I thought that it looked a little long but didn't want to say....

    Stay cool!


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