• You want to know what is cooler than cool? Walking into the bedroom after a relaxing shower, loosening my softball-knotted muscles (I'm the starting pitcher! HELLS yeah) with some stretching, and finding my husband in bed, nekkid, and in a kinky mood. :)
  • Also, these awesome SHUES that I've wanted forever, and they FINALLY went on sale!
  • And then watching The Last King of Scotland. That is a DAMN good movie.It doesn't get much better than that.
  • And I have another tattoo appointment today! Woo!
  • And we are buying (because someone hit my husband and totalled his truck) a new car.
  • Jucifer on Sunday night.
  • Girls night tonight (after tattoo plezh-ah).
  • Being forgiven!
  • The weekend!!!

Have a great one, everyone. Even you, Vermillion.

Boo out.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I am envious of your posession of a kinky husband.

    2. I covet those shoes.

    3. See #1 re: money for a tattoo

    4. The weekend rocks. It would rock more if I didn't have to work.

    Happy weekend lady boo!


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