Destination: Unknown

We didn't make it to Mexico.

Me and the hubs got to the gate for our early morning flight, and just as we were stepping up I realized I had not yet changed my passport to my married name. Of course, the hubs had booked us under our married monikers, as he should. I haven't been out of the country since we got married, so I haven't even thought about it.

So yeah, they didn't let me on the plane, and the sweet hubs refused to go without me. So we changed our tickets to go out to L.A. to visit the good friends with the sweet bebe, who is not such a bebe anymore.

But before we left for L.A., I went and got mah hair did. Whad'ya think?

Peace out from L.A. peeps. Don't underestimate the ability to fuck yourself over. It is a lesson well-learned.




Mas cerveza, por favor

So I'm off to Mexico tomorrow morning and won't ever be back!!!!

Alas, no; I will return in about 10 days. But a betch can dream, can't she? I'll probably have loads of pictures when I return, so prepare yourself for a feast of the eyes.

We're traveling to the very tip of the Baja peninsula, and there I plan to drink lots of margaritas, kill myself surfing, lay on the sand, and maybe even do a little deep sea fishing.

I would say that you might miss me, but since I've had a lax posting month and haven't received any complaints, I'm assuming that you most likely won't.

See you guys in about a week and a half. Miss me while I'm gone!



Photo Love: Building a House

It is finally happening. Finally. Our new house has WALLS. Yes, they are unfinished, but there they are, standing tall. Framed and waiting.


Photo Love: SNAKE in my muthrfukin' YARD

A copperhead, to be exact.

He dead.


Boo's Top Ten: Why Margaret Cho Rocks

10. She's SOOOO nineties. It makes me super nostalgic.

9. She's Korean, and therefore most likely shares my intense love of kimchee.

8. She met Arsenio Hall. (A personal hero of mine.)

7. A pretty freaking hilarious comic.

6. Talks very openly about her drug addiction and subsequent recovery.

5. A huge supporter of gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender rights.

4. She does a burlesque routine.

3. Wearing a fake penis.

2. While showing her beautiful and imperfect belly.

1. And her amazing tattoo work, some of which was done by the legendary Ed Hardy.


Boo's Top Ten: Why I Love Where I Live

10. Great local music and venues.

9. It is just as easy to go out and be crazy on the weekends, or stay in and be lazy.

8. Small town appeal; metropolitan attitude (kinda).

7. You can get anyway in or around town in 15 mintues. Period.

6. The area is a haven for creativity. It must be the crystals in the bedrock.

5. The liberally-minded oasis of the South. And it ain't Atlanta.

4. The beautiful beautiful mountains!!

3. Swimming in the coldest water holes supplied by fresh mountain water. And jumping off rocks.

2. Crisp, chilly, foggy summer mornings.

1. Local food. Buying fresh figs and blackberries from the gentleman farmer that comes into the downtown restaurants. And then eating said figs for breakfast with yogurt, honey, and walnuts. YUMMMMM. And making blackberry cobbler with orange essence in the crust. Oh yes. You know you want it.

If you aren't from here, or aren't familiar with the area, you really should check it out. And this coming from a person that silently curses the stupid tourists, especially when they attempt to parallel park for 15 minutes before just giving up and driving away, all the while you've been sitting behind them, waiting, because they can't get their big freakin' SUV into the space, or out of the way enough for you to scoot by. And this is NOT a hard town to drive in. AT ALL.

But seriously, if you haven't visited, you should. I hear the leaf change this year is going to be glorious.


Thanks for Playing

Just when I think he can't possibly do more to fuck up, Bush bends us over and gives it to us. Hard.

He's not an idiot. He is a manipulative elitist man-child bully in the schoolyard, pushing everyone around to see how much he can get away with. And goddammit, he is getting away with all of it. It isn't enough for him to send our troops into a meaningless war. It isn't enough that he is personally responsible for 4,000 American deaths; 100,000 dead Iraqi men, women and children; and 30,000 wounded and permanently maimed American soldiers. It isn't enough that he makes the people of our country weep and despair, hoping for a better time. It isn't enough that he cares for nothing but himself.

Now he is killing the very things that make our planet so awe-inspiring. The very things that he claims to believe God created. He is killing everything, and no one is doing anything about it.


By way of Chez, here is his latest disregard for anything not, well, him.

For the last time: Someone give him a blowjob so we can fucking IMPEACH. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH.


Breastfeeding: How Old is Too Old?

I'm starting to realize just how taboo this topic is, because I haven't been able to find a lot of reliable and accurate data on American mothers and their breastfeeding habits. But what I have found is generally this:

60-70% of American mothers breastfeed their children while still in the hospital

25-40% of American mothers breastfeed their children up to 6 months

less than 5% of American mothers breastfeed their children at 18 months

So what happens when mothers are breastfeeding past 2 years old? What about 3 years old? What about 8 years old??

Your thoughts?