A Chandler Bing Moment

Can I ADD any more to my plate??

If you have been an avid reader of my fascinating life, then you may know that things have kinda been crazy for me over the last year. Let's reminisce.

Last year this time I was...

building a house
living in my mother's unfinished basement
about to be kicked out of said basement
supporting a serious alcohol habit
working on a short film
watching the mountains feel autumn from the top down
writing for a music blog
working a 9 to 5er that took more than 9 to 5
living a fabulously social life
blissfully oblivious to a crumbling marriage
(ok, fine, i was all too aware of said marriage)
watching a friend fade
not getting laid (and how callous is it that i put that after the "friend" item, eh?)

Good god, that was an Eeyore moment. Let's all pause to shake it off.

If you asked me then what my life would like now, my current experience would probably be the last thing I would guess. Now that I'm here, I can't imagine it happening any other way. Now, I'm...

single (wtf.)
renovating my new house (somewhat planned, but still: i'm crazy)
still working my 9 to 5er (but now with 20% more FREE!)
starting a new business (i know.)
trying desperately to write music (read: not writing music)
seeking to grow personally (i am a bad, evil person--dammit. fail.)
watching autumn from my home
trying to convince my sister to come move in with me so i don't have to get a "roommate"
attempting to de-stress my life
attempting to have more sex
traveling like crazy

Does life ever GET any less complicated?

Ear Candy: Classical Edition

Gustav Holst, The Planets, Mars

This is my favorite piece from Holst's The Planets. It inevitably is compared to The Imperial March from Star Wars, but it was written first and is decidedly better (not to knock John Williams at all; I love his work).

Please to enjoy my ruling planet, Mars.


Project Enlightenment: Stinky Shit Piles

This constant learning process can get really exhausting sometimes, especially when it feels like one is just wading through pile after pile of self-shit. Then, after trudging through a particularly stinky pile of shit, you have an epiphany. Suddenly, all that shit begins to make sense, and you can use it as fertilizer for personal growth.

I had a particularly stinky pile of shit this weekend, and after taking a step back from my snap reactions, listening to what the important people in my life had to say, and searching myself for what my truth was, I started to realize how important it was that I deal with this stink pile rather than wrinkling my nose and ignoring it.

I have to say, in the moment, cleaning up shit can really fucking suck. You might dry heave. You might get some on your hands. You might spread it around before you can completely clear it. But damn, once that shit is clean, it is clean and you can move on with your life.