Tour De France Brings Out the Bike Nuts

Dedicated to OnTheVirg.




  1. Well.

    That's one way to start a morning.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pour boiling water into my eyes.

  2. That literally made me LOL.

    Nauseating, but hilarious nonetheless. FYI, I don't wear a "kit" when I ride. But that's probably cause I've got a small package. *Shrug*

  3. Hey, wanted to ask you question as well. You're a graphic artist right? If I'm correct (I know, the chances are slim) could you drop me an email? Want to ask you about getting a small graphics job done. Thanks.

  4. tk: wow, this is too easy.

    onthevirg: small package? for real? and you tell people?

    actually, i'm not a graphic artiste. more on the photography side. solly.

  5. Yeah thanks for that picture, I am now not going to be able to sleep for a damn week lol. Penis' are SCARY ..... I actually think I am a little bit MORE gay after that ....

  6. jenny w: must. not. swing. at. set-up. MUST. NOT. MAKE. OBVIOUS. JOKE. Ahhhhh!

  7. If you don't take a quick jab, then you might explode. I almost did the other day about my mother telling me to clean my cat .... I seriously felt my head throb, because I said nothing. It's bad for your health to keep these things in. Yes, I am aware that I am the gayest person alive. Actually, if you want to be technical, I am the gay metro-sexual man trapped inside a woman's body. Yeah, I said it. I like to decorate, paint, dress, broadway, Meghan Mullally (Karen Walker from Will & Grace) is my hero ..... I have everything but a big rainbow coming out my ass ..... and even then I might have one coming out, I just prefer not to look there ..... heh heh. You have a lot of material to work with .... go with it


    You're queerer than a 3 dollar bill.

    Ok, had to let the pressure out a little...
    How are you doing? I loved your Audrey charcoal piece.

  9. Oh Kara, sweet ... married .... straight Kara. It's queer as a $2 bill lol, but I am gay enough I would actually be a $3 lol. I am as gay as the Green Room on Tony's night. I am as gay as one of Sir Elton John's costumes. I am as gay as a pair of rainbow spandex. I am gayer than the sales clerks at Barney's ...... sweet God.

    Thanks about the artwork. It was close to charcol, graphite pencil, which is hard to tell on the net, but thanks all the same :).

  10. one more .... i am gayer than a clutch purse on Tony's night ...... *smirk*

  11. HEE! That whole series of comments really tickles me....


Spit it, betch!