TMI Time: Tampons.

Reddit makes me laugh. A lot. I mean, nowhere else can you get all of the fuckery of the internet in one easy, badly designed place. Don't get me wrong, I do love me some sub-reddits. My favorite right now is the 2Xchromosomes subreddit, where I found this important article. Basically, it says that O.B. tampons are being taken off the shelves for a "manufacturers update" and won't be back until 2011. Now, this may dismay some women, and I am one of them, because that is pretty much my go-to tampon. The biggest reason: No applicator.

I was surprised when I read down the list of reddit comments and saw that, in most other countries, tampons without applicators are the standard. And in fact, the attitude is mainly that applicator tampons are for girls who have just started menstruating. But not in America. And why is that? Why are American women basically forced to use tampons with applicators?

I think, in large part, that it is the American culture surrounding feminine hygiene, body parts, menstruation, and all other things wholly belonging to women as being "icky". GOD FORBID you touch your own vagina. I'm pretty sure that menstruating is one of THE most natural things IN THE WORLD, just like sperm.

This isn't restricted to female bodily functions, either. Men are also taught that, other than sexual situations, to not be comfortable with one's own body.

Newsflash: It is YOUR body. And there is nothing "gross" or "icky" about the natural, healthy things that is does.

Ladies: Using tampons without applicators is not only HEALTHIER for your vag, it is also much more environmentally friendly. So, give her a whirl. Touch your girl.


Boo's Top Five: Fabulous Female TV Characters

5. Laurie Keller, Cougartown
At first glance, Laurie is everything that I despise about TV females: insipid, focused on looks, bimbo-ish. But she has LAYERS, man. She has fears and issues that I think a lot of women can probably relate to, even if every other word out of her mouth is "Like." (Also, Busy Philipps: Makes me laugh, was in Freaks and Geeks, seems super down to Earth, and, LIKE, a real person, so, she wins.)

4. Kate Beckett, Castle
My favorite moments watching Kate Beckett are when she goes into the interrogation room. That woman is a hard ass! And, not only is she a hard ass, but she traverses a line of hard ass whereas other women in the same position would be seen as bitches. As a female character, she is fabulously feminine will still maintaining the hard ass persona. So, congrats on creating a fabulous character, Marlowe.

3. Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, Bones
She is on, LIKE, every top ten list for female characters, and there is good reason: She is probably one of the most unique female characters on television. She doesn't get jokes because she is so literal and scientific about everything, and when she finally gets them, she makes a bad one in return, and laughs uproariously. Priceless. Also, you can't go wrong putting the (warning: heresy approaching) more interesting (read: less over exposed) Deschanel in that role.

2. Olivia Dunham, Fringe
Oh my goodness, where do I start? Olivia, Olivia, Olivia. A tortured soul that wraps herself in the protective shell of law enforcement. Nothing shakes Olivia—I mean, seriously, NOTHING. I guess that is what happens when you are used as a subject in a variety of traumatic experiments when you were wee. And even when she is shaken, or injured, or just fucked up in general over something, she can still seal the deal (meaning, protect herself with her gun by shooting someone's ass). Additionally, Anna Torv could easily be one of the best actresses on television, period. Easily.

1. Coach Shannon Beiste, Glee
Finally, my number one choice of best female TV character is Coach Beiste on Glee. I know, Sue Sylvester seems like such a good, and obvious choice, and I LOVE Sue, but not in the way that I love Beiste. At 6'3" and the coach of the boys football team (and yes, I realize that there are few, if any, high school girls foottball teams, but I used the italics to make a point, see?), she is a woman that you do not fuck with. On the outside, she is masculine as hell, and she puts on a strong front to maintain that power. But, on the inside, she just wants to be a beautiful, petite ballerina that gets some ass. I mean, come on, has there been a character like Shannon Beiste on television? Ever? I. Love. Her. And I love Dot-Marie Jones, especially the more I read about her. World champion arm wrestler by 19, Olympic athlete, one of the only women warriors on the short-lived Knights and Warriors, and was offered a role in professional wrestling but turned it down because it was "too fakey." FUCK YES.

Strong women rock.


One for the Ladies: Amber Heard is the Hottest Lesbian in Tinseltown

Amber Heard has been out for a while, but I guess we are all just now finding out. Why is this "newsworthy"? Because apparently it's big news when a beautiful woman who doesn't sport a mullet is a lesbian.

Unreal. I'm shaking my head right now.

Big congrats to Amber, who obviously has a better grasp on who she is as a person than most young women in Hollywood.