Operation: Combating Bitterness

Today's exercise for combating bitterness is: making up new insults. Just off the top of my head:

slut trumpet
bone slapper
poo poo platter
shit munch
ass flap
carnie licker
scrum pickle

Childish? Yes. Time wasting? Absolutely. Giggle inducing? Eh. But at least it helps get my mind off things.


Iron Heart

What is it that makes it possible for people to open their heart, again and again, in spite of experiencing heartbreak and pain? When we are small, we learn that hot things will burn, and for the most part, we avoid hot things that can burn us. Why is it that we can remember physical pain--pain that resides primarily in the body--and not remember emotional pain?

I have tried so hard to not let myself shut down; over and over, I have allowed people into my life that ultimately prove they don't have my best interests at heart. And no matter how much you keep those people at a distance, they always end up hurting you.

My heart is screaming out today. I'm just a complete wreck, and I promised myself, over and over, that I wouldn't let myself go here ever again.