Babies + Lemons = Awesomeness

But this shit it just hilarious. This is one of the things I look forward to for when Robb and I have kids. Hey! My mom (and probably some member of everyone's family) did it to me. It's why we have kids, right? Well, that and the free slave labor.

Yep, this is my Monday afternoon. I fucking love kids.


  1. Watching these made me so happy. Babies and lemons are a winning combination to make any afternoon better. I just think it's cruel that the parents in the first video took the baby to Chipotle and gave it a single lemon wedge. Poor cute little kid.

  2. Non-emotionally scarring torture is the way to go. If you're going to hell for this then I'll be right there with you for spending the last 15mins giggling.


  3. gwch: glad you enjoyed it. i really needed a laugh, so of course, this is where my mind goes.

    alex: you're right, non-emotionally scarring torture does not warrant a trip to hell in the carpool lane, so i changed the post title. :)

  4. I love how that last little baby was shaking it off! This reminded me of watching adults do tequila shots. I actually remember my uncle giving me lemons to eat and I would exaggerate the faces I made just to make him laugh...

  5. Ha! It totally is like taking a (bad) tequila shot.

    You: hammin' it up for the uncle = SO CUTE!


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