Photo Love: Ode to TK

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On This Day...

I can't say it has been easy.

These last two years have been pretty unforgiving for both of us, babe, and when I look back now, I can only think, "What would I have done without him?"

You have become such an integral part of my life, that I literally cannot imagine a life without you. And you know how active my imagination is.

We have had some pretty rough patches. There was one day, not all that long ago, that I tried to imagine a life without you, and the furthest I got was a scenario where it wasn't my life at all--it was a stranger's life. I was so angry and hurt that day, and I truly thought that we would not get through it.

But we did. And here we are, celebrating our second anniversary. On this day, two years ago, I was what I like to call, in my Britney mode: chaotic. It is not easy, to say that least, to plan, arrange, pay for, and completely organize a homemade wedding. For 150 people. At my mom's house.

It is also not easy to lose a father two months before he is supposed to walk you down the aisle, holding your manicured hand in his calloused one, tears in his eyes as he escorts you away from childhood and into a world that only you can navigate. It is not easy to stand there, in front of everyone you love--and some you don't--and with all those eyes on you, only notice the pair that aren't there. It isn't easy to acknowledge that I won't have a father-daughter dance, that I won't see my mom and dad there next to us on the dance floor, that he won't get a little too tipsy and maybe fall in the living room again. It isn't easy to watch your mother's face. To watch her miss him in every little moment as well. To watch her living out her own personal hell in front of my family, your family, and all of our friends.

It isn't easy to know that you are the only person I've ever brought home that my dad didn't want to immediately strangle. But at the same time, it is easy.

You were the one, all along. We knew it from the moment we embraced on the street corner. We knew it, and we didn't shy away from the power of it. Thank fucking god we didn't run away from it. It would have been easy to run.

It was easy to stand in front of our world of people and have my brother marry us. It was easy to have my sister there beside me, and your brother beside you--the most important people in our worlds, supporting this huge and scary step. It is easy to remember the vows we wrote for each other, the tree we planted together as a symbol of our union, the wish ribbons hanging from the arbor under which we were married. It is easy to remember dancing with our friends and family, laughing, spinning, watching the night fly away like sands through the hourglass, but on fast forward. It is very easy to remember exchanging rings, seeing your eyes fill with tears as I walked myself down the aisle, hearing everyone--especially my grandfather--belly laugh at my brother's declaration of his vested power.

On this day, two years ago, I was as excited, anxious, happy and as sad as I have ever been. I know we were both exhausted, because we both collapsed in bed that night, without even trying to get into each other's pants. Funny that we didn't even have sex on our wedding night. (I mean, not that we needed to; our sex life has been nothing short of fucking amazing, and continues to blow my mind.)

I look back over these last two years, and I have to say that I am impressed by us, honey. We have grown in ways that I never imagined possible. We have taught each other so much about love and commitment. We have made it through some very tough times.

It would be a gross understatement for me to say that I love you more now than I ever have. Robb, I have never known a love like this. I never imagined that I would be so lucky to have a love like this. You were always out there, waiting, and I was always here, waiting. We were waiting for each other, and every step we have taken in our lives has brought us to where we are today.

Marriage is strange; it is both constricting and freeing. It is rigid, but flexible. It is strange but familiar. It is a perfect balance of selfishness and selflessness.

The words that were spoken as Ginger's wedding, just two weeks ago, still ring true for me: This marriage is completely unique. There has never been, and never will be, a union like ours, for we are both individuals, and we have created something that never existed before. We are moving the world forward just by simply being together.

I want to say how proud I am of you, Robb. You are fearless. You are creative. You are vulnerable. You are chasing your dream and succeeding. You are strong, everyday, for me. You are exploring yourself in ways that you never previously imagined, and you are becoming more You every day. You, Robb; you are my heart.



Marry me.


Ear Candy: The Raconteurs

I feel exactly like this today. Video and all.

The Raconteurs -- Salute Your Solution

And just because I totally love this song and this video, and I was reminded by G. Michael on American Idol last night, here's Freedom, and a never hotter Linda Evangelista.


Oh Shit Moments

Our house is WAAAAAAAAY over budget.



The Best Things to Do on a Weekend

In no particular order:

-Abita Strawberry Lager. Their seasonal spring beer. Not sweet, not too hoppy, just right.

-Make up sex. Enough said.

-Twin Peaks marathon with a virgin. Much thanks to TK and his spectacular review that prompted me to immediately buy the box set with the remainder of my money and not eat fish tacos for TWO DAYS because I was broke in the pocket. And it is so worth it.

-Wake up sex. Also enough said.

-Beautiful weather, mountains, lakes, dogs swimming, and sunshine.

-Lovely concert and dinner with my mom and her admittedly awesome boyfriend. He rocks. Mainly because he said I looked beautiful (I did) and that he loved my hair (as I do). So, clearly his tastes are impeccable. But that could have been declared for the mere fact that he is dating my mom. She is a piece, y'all. A serious piece.

-Sunday softball game in the rain. I caught two infield popflys, tagged a runner out at third, and had two singles! My hubs slid into home for a score, as well as killed at first base. We are the coolest couple ever.

-Taking a mental sick day on a Monday. Man, did my laundry ever need that one!

-Visiting the house site. I can't wait to start updating the blog with loads of house info that no one but me cares about. And that is the way I like it. Truly. (Although, I probably have some out-of-town friends that would appreciate an ACTUAL place to sleep when they come visit, rather than a beat down old air mattress and my dog licking them to wakefulness at 6am after a night of drunken mess and almost getting run over by a crazy old man in a red car. I'm watching you, crazy old red car driving man! I'm watching you....


Bush, Go Home.

So did someone tell Bush that he is up for re-election? Because his sentiments in his last three public appearances have been heavily manipulative, fear mongering, and really fucking remind me of 2001--a place in time that not many of us want to visit ever again.

And, are my ears deceiving me, or did he ACTUALLY say that if America elects a democratic president, then another major terrorist attack is inevitable??

He's just fucking with us now, right? Or is he testing to see how far the people of this country will really let him go???

AND MS. PELOSI: Impeachment should NEVER be off the table. EVER. We should always have the right to kick a fucking idiot to the curb. It would be the first move in a long line of decisions that should have been made, but deferred in the interest of politics.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I want someone to act in the interest of the American citizens, not in the interest of a fucking political race.


Panties: Fully Wadded

This clip...oh god...I can't stop laughing!

How many times has this man ended a show, eh? You would think he could do it without the little words on the teleprompter.

True colors, people.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor


Brain Growls

My mother has officially made me and my brother less important than her boyfriend. I was concerned that this might happen, but didn't give it actual credence. I had planned a really nice Mother's Day outing for all of us--at her behest I invited the boyfriend.

We were going to take a picnic lunch to our local Arboretum for their annual dahlia show, take a nice, long walk, drink wine spritzers, etc. It was to be lovely.

But, her boyfriend is not feeling well, and has canceled his appearance. So my mom decided to go out of town for the weekend. Apparently it is not possible to still have a lovely outing without him.

Brain growl number one.

My grandmother is laying the guilt on really heavy. Me and the hubs have been married for almost two years, and she refuses to relent on her Boo Must Bear a Child Campaign, Now That She is Married. Clearly, what the fuck else should I do with my time?? Not progress my already fruitful career. Clearly, not create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the man I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with. Clearly, not build a gorgeous house at the age of 28, be completely debt free, and financially prosperous. Clearly, not have a life that I want. I don't want children. I love children, but I don't want to have them. And she refuses to listen. I am getting an increasing number of voicemails and emails, and she never fails to bring it up. NEVER.

Brain growl number two.

Ok, I guess those are the only two brain growls. Everything else is fucking fantastic. The house is going along swimmingly, I'm involved in all kinds of creative ventures, me and the hubs are having THE BEST sex ever, and it is spring. It's not all growls.

Clearly, I use the word clearly too much, and I am spoiled.



Ear Candy: Hooverphonic

Big thanks to my super hip, super gorgeous friend N. McConville for turning me on to Hooverphonic.

This is 2 Wicky.


Fish Tacos

I probably haven't written a complete sentence in this place for over a month, but I don't really plan on changing that immediately. My brain is only working in spurts lately. But there are a few things of interest (to me) and so I will impart:

-I donated blood yesterday. (High fives self). I have O negative blood, the universal donor, and I'm not a carrier for this certain "thing" (the nurse was very vague), so that means my blood can go to newborn babies! How cool is that?! It kinda makes up for my lack of wanting children. I'm helping babies every time I stick a needle in my arm! And seriously, how many people can say that? Not many, is the answer.

-The Orange Peel, our lovely local music club with kickass sound, was named one of the top ten clubs in the country by Rolling Stone. I guess that is a double-edged sword, because now things like this are happening: last week, we had Lou Reed (awesome). Today, we have George Clinton (also awesome). Yesterday, we had Hanson. Yes, the Mmm Boppers that were bound to come up as one-hit wonders on "I love the 90s." Even more of a punch in the coot: There was a line around the fucking block, starting Sunday night--the night before the show--of people lining up for it. "People" also means young teenage girls, teenage boys trying to get with said girls, and even younger preteen girls with very miserable-looking fathers in tow. And some people that looked like they would be more at home at a Clay Aiken concert. I took pictures, but it is too painful to repost, so use your imagination.

-I have eaten fish tacos everyday for the past week. And yesterday, I had them TWICE. Yes, they are delicious, but I have no true understanding for my addiction. On the plus side, I am drinking less beer. So that's good. I guess.


Public Service Announcement

Dear Citizens of the US:

Fear not. Unbunch the panties. I have news:

The Rev. Wright is NOT running for President.

Thank you, that is all.

*Paid for by the Boo Group Against Political Pundits and Corporate Media