I LOVE other people's bebes.

My dear friends created a dear bebe. And here are my first impressions of Isaac "Ike" Rose.

Sweet eyes. A perfect mix of mom and dad.

Sweet soul. Barely a cry all weekend.

Curious with the world and ready to start discovering.

The best thing about my friends having bebes is that I can play with them, and buy cute bebe things for them, and then go home without them! I love kids, and I love having my free time, so being an aunt is the perfect in-between.

Isn't he precious?? Seven weeks old. And I can't wait to start teaching him all of the illegal and evil things I have collected during my life. MWUAH-HA-HA-Haaaaa....


  1. Oh my god that is the cutest little thing!

  2. Awww, that's one cute effing kid.

  3. effina: yes. yes he is.

    manny: yes. yes he is.

    brad: WRONG! but you can be Da Godfaddeh.

  4. Boo:

    1. This baby is adorable. I don't know him and want to play with him. Although, you should see my friend's little girl--cheeks made for kissing.

    2. I totally agree. I love spending time with my friends' kids, having fun and sending them home as soon as any concept of discipline enters the picture. I can't say 'no' to them.

  5. you know, it's funny, but i have no problem with the discipline thing. nope. none. in fact, i'm one of those people that if your kid is annoying the shirt off of me, say, in a grocery store, i'll (kindly) tell them that it's not polite to hit strangers with your tonka truck (you little shit).

    yeah, discipline for me is no problem. it's the constant time constraint that is more my issue, i guess. i'm a selfish betch. and i love me.


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