Ear Candy: NIN

This is for my cyberlover, PissBoy. I hate you. Like, a lot. And I want to cradle your organs in an Easter basket at Thanksgiving dinner.

Please to enjoy Closer.

Call me when you wanna blow up something.


Ear Candy (?): Europe

This is for you, Jules!


Do the Right Thing

If you haven't seen this movie yet, drop what you are doing. Right now.

Go!!! Geez.


Boo's Top Ten: Things I Want to See Change from Last Year to This Year

10. Oprah stops talking about how she constantly gains and loses weight.
Author's Note: For god sakes woman, you are the poster whale for yo-yo. JUST STOP OBSESSING, EAT THE DAMN COOKIES, and SHUT IT.

9. The Jonas Brothers go away as quickly as they came.
Author's Note: Which, as the legend goes, is pretty quick considering that they are slightly past the age of counting the number of pubes on their Ken dolls.

8. My economic stimulus package hurts. Stop the hurty.

7. Better and more viral videos than EVAR BEFORE.
Author's Note: This is sarcastic. Don't send me forwards. Don't send me videos, and then only write in the email, "You've GOT to see this." If you don't tell me what it is I'm about to look at, I won't look at.

6. No laying off. But lots of getting laid!!
Author's note: Um, do I really need to explain this one??

5. Travel to exotic locations.

4. Less hints from my grandmother about my getting knocked up.
Author's note: This would be heaven, except for the warning in my heart that this will never, ever happen. Ever.

3. Make a kickass movie.
Author's note: This is underway, and will hopefully have positive results by the end of the summer.

2. Me, on a label, with an album under my belt.
Author's Note: I'm counting on all five of you to promote the hell out of my music, when, you know, I write it and record it and start playing it all over the world. Yeah. So get on that.

1. A Happier Me!
Author's final note: Yes, this list is extremely self-serving. I would like to thank my local grocery store self-check out for the inspiration necessary to write such an amazingly insightful blog. I owe it all to you, machine that replaced the sweet old lady in a green apron.


AAAAND We're Back...

My mom is getting married.
I'm happy for her happiness.
That is all I will ever say about her again.

Hi Guys! Gosh, I really missed you all. I know, it has been a ridiculously long time since I have even tried to write anything here, and as usual I've been stretching myself too thin, but that is neither here nor there.

Lots has been going on with me, but I'm not sure that I'm going to over-indulge as I have in the past. It is starting to seem...strange for me. I have no idea why, but there it is. (I promise, if I have a good story, or I have to beat down another punk on the street or something, you'll be in the know.)

I'm feeling a lot of fresh energy now that our house is somewhat completed (pics eventually/maybe) and I'm ramping up for the next few months that should be pretty exciting. I'm working on a film project--TOP SECRET--and getting together with some excellent musician friends from school to record some music. Yes. Finally. THAT I will certainly keep you updated on, because who knows, I might be touring at the end of the year and maybe we could meet up for a beer and you could bring all your friends to my gig, and that would rock. So yeah, I'll keep you updated. Maybe even sneak some peaks if I can figure out how to get music files to play on my profile. (Anyone know a good widget or something? I'm so out of the hip blogging movement.)

Is it just me, or does this year seem to be brimming with possibilities? I know that the world seems very strained right now, but I feel a lightness on the horizon that I haven't felt in a long, long time. I couldn't honestly say that last time I felt this way, but I would guess that I was around 10 years ago, and that is a deadfully depressing thought. I feel a buzzing in my center that portends good things for me, and I intend to channel it into the dreams and wishes that I've always harbored but for one reason or another never went after. I think it is the right time now. I think I am finally ready.

No new year resolution. No fad diet. Just a simple reaching out for the dream. Reaching out to where I want to be. It is all I can do lately: imagine where I want to be, and who I want to be when I get there. And I have a very strong feeling that it is where I am meant to be.

Sorry if this is all a little woowoo, but I'm in a brain-spill phase and I don't mind being odd.

Speaking of odd, where the HELL is Alex???

Love to you all in the New Year.