Ear Candy: Rasputina

We went to see Rasputina last night, and what an amazing show! My Brightest Diamond opened, and also so effing amazing! It is such a pleasure to hear incredibly layered, dark, rich music from women not afraid to be smart, witty, and talented.

First, My Brightest Diamond:

That woman has a fantastic voice.

Next, Rasputina:

I wanna have sex with Melora. Not even kidding. I've told my husband this already; he seemed cool with it.


  1. Hi Boo, Sounds fantastic, but how did you manage to sit there all that time with that new tatt? Bet it was like sitting with the worst kind of Sun Burn...

  2. It wasn't so bad. Like you said, felt like sunburn. Also, I stood for the first 2/3 of the show...

    what concern! thanks for that.


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