A Year-Old Poem

listen to this newscast
it brings the shit of the world.
take this into yourself, all the negative
all the fear.
do you feel it? that's it.
breath it in.
LIVE in it.
Here, look at these poor people
they just experienced a wordless
now look at your soft world
and feel guilty
do you feel that? this sin.
the sins of the world.
take this, atlas, but
wait. you can't function
with this guilt on the surface for
all to see—
here, cover it up.
wait. here's some
nice furniture, a cute pair
of chopsticks.
how about an ishit?
It has the newest, best insert
consume now, you mindless beast
forget yourself and your connection
to the entire universe.
this existance.
we will force feed you this poison,
this waste of life, and
sell you the drugs to ignore it,
you filthy dung heap
your soul is the ultimate profit
Fuck fourth quarter lines
and consumer confidence
we'd rather have your soul



  1. I found your blog through Pajiba not too long ago and this poem, so far, is my favorite. Good stuff lady!


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