Suppression: An Act of Unintentional and Inevitable Widespread Distribution

I listened to a story on the radio yesterday concerning a Swedish bank involved in a money laundering scandal, and the subsequent publication of incriminating papers onto the internet. The reporter mentioned that once the powers-that-be forced the website to remove images of the papers, online searches for the documents skyrocketed. And you can still find the papers, just not on the website that broke the story.

The moral here is this:
If you want people to certainly hear about something, all you have to do is try and suppress it.
(I've been into morals lately. Go fig.)

Anyway, I just read this blog post, and it seems to come from that same silly little trap. When will tire of this bullshit, people? Really? I would like to know.

To those paying attention: Please go visit my favorite watchdog's site; more specifically, this post.



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