One More Notch, er, Scar

Well, not to be outdone by the last couple of weeks of minor traumas, I have raised the bar for myself YET AGAIN!!!!

Luckily, when I hurt myself, it is usually non-life threatening, but probably some of the most painful shit you can do to yourself while remaining in non-life threatening mode.

Yesterday's little trauma?

I slammed my thumb in my car door. It locked. I had to fumble with my keys in my left hand, unsuccessfully try to unlock the door (isn't it strange how when you really need to get into your car, like it is pouring outside, or your thumb is locked in the door, you try to unlock it in the wrong direction several times until you realize, even though you might have been unlocking this specific door daily for months or even years??) and removed my thumb. In all of its blood-gushing glory. It was pretty horrendous, and I think I even heard the lady across the street scream. (Well, she definitely hollered.)

Luckily, I was just arriving at a friend's house, and I went to the front door and asked for her assistance. She, in super-nurse-in-control mode, whisks me to the bathroom, cleans me, sterilizes me, oints me, and wraps me. Boom. Done.

I have the best of friends. Thanks friend!!!!

So my nail is cracked pretty much in half, and I'm guessing that it might bother me after my finger has healed, so I was researching healing tactics on the web (of course).

This is my favorite option so far.


  1. Hey, I did the same thing to myself last summer, only I immediately lost the nail. Ouch ouch OUCH!

    Also, a friend of mine persuaded me to simply carry super glue with me everywhere I go. Sadly, I do, and it's been more useful than I care to admit.

  2. boo, I slammed by big toe playing football and had this unsightly hematoma for about 8 FUCKING months. What could be worse for a gay guy who likes to wear jeans and flip flops :)

  3. dustin: uh, yeah.

    tk: jesus. you are a walking time bomb. and i am SURE i would find it helpful to carry superglue with me, if it weren't for the fact that i would probably buy a great new purse and then it would explode inside. (i have had this happen one too many times, albeit not with superglue.)

    tom: well fucking GREAT. that's just great. thank you SO MUCH for your helpful comment. I guess this means I'll be wearing a lot of nail polish, once it quits oozing.

  4. yuck. thanks for that.

    we always kept superglue in the chef's office in case somebody sliced their finger in the kitchen. what can I say? It works.

  5. Aw funk. Funk NASTAY.

    Protect your purse and keep the superglue in the glove box.

    There are these great band-aids that look like strips of bacon. Maybe I'll send you some.

  6. Owie. Sorry about your thumb. Super glue works, though. If you want to carry it around with you, just put it in one of those wee little ziploc bags. That way if the universe is conspiring against you, it just bursts in the bag and doesn't get on anything.

  7. Oh poor Boo! M accidentally slammed a convertible car lid thingy on my thumb last year. And you know my 'nail' story--so I really feel your pain.

    I hope the pain goes away quickly.

    (Maybe mehendi would be a nice alternative to nail polish.)

  8. Hey, I did that at Dave & Gina's baby shower - minus the blood. And good gods - keep the super glue away from me: that stuff is dangerous!


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