Boo Rooz Recap

I was kidding about the butt love comment. Kinda.

(Does it count when you give yourself butt love?)

So the birthday was fantastic. I have learned a very valuable lesson: I am my most awesome self when I depend only on myself for happiness. It's like the universe acknowledges this choice, and by virtue of that choice, encourages the rest of the world to treat you like a queen.

I took off work last Friday and Monday, giving myself a desperately needed four day weekend. You see, in my world, birthday celebrations should last as least a week. So, I being very rational and not at all self-involved, decided a four day weekend would be just right.

I gave myself an at-home spa day on Friday. I watched a great movie about a wonderfully realistic love story. I smoked some pot. I went to our local organic market and -- to the detriment of my wallet -- bought all of my favorite foods and drinks. Cultured salsa, a lovely syrah, kombucha teas, spinach artichoke dip with honey dijon baked chips, Swedish pot de cremes, champagne, cocoa-dusted almonds, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, pistachio granola...

Good stuff.

My hubs spoiled me rotten all weekend. By spending basically every second with me. It seems so rare lately that we are able to get in that quality time together, and that's probably a huge reason to the lack of sex life. But one of my awesome birthday presents is sex every day, anytime, anywhere. (Honestly, my hubs could not have given me a more thoughtful and selfless gift. I'm a maniac.) And, that sweet sweet man, bought my favorite sushi for our dinner, hung with me and the girls, went to the gardening store and played in the garden with me all weekend. God, it was bliss!!! He even got our family members together and they all gave me money to start accruing my electronic setup (PA, mics, keyboard, guitar, amps -- the works)!!!! Yes, I'm a very lucky and happy woman. Very.

And totally satisfied. Until tonight. Although really, I'm more of an early afternoon delight kind of girl.

AND!! Thank you everyone for your lovely birthday wishes. It is so nice to log on to this unpersonal machine and find personality, caring, and thoughtfulness. Thank you, all.


  1. Now that sounds like the perfect birthday! Especially the food part. No comment on the sexing as I'm about the cross the line into "the longest I've ever been without sex since the age of 16" territory. Not fun.

    I'm quitting my job to coincide with my birthday this year - I plan to finish the day before my actual birthday and then go out and get wasted on cocktails. My birthday itself will be spent lying in bed, fully aware that I should have been at work and savouring my delicious hangover.

  2. THAT sounds like an awesome birthday plan as well!!

    Oh, you poor sex-deprived child! Find yourself a booty-buddy, stat!

  3. Dearest Boo:
    I have been a fan of your writing and adventures for some time now but have only recently felt obligated to let you know.
    Happy belated Birthday. I'm extremely jealous (in a good way) of your delicious long weekend celebrations. I hope you will be able to enjoy the rest of the year just as much. You surely deserve it.

  4. yum! Glad you had a great birthday. I was thinking about you today!

  5. wormer: thanks sugar!

    effina: I attribute my new-found addiction to kombucha completely to your influence!!! :) I miss you, woman.

  6. Again, jealousy pours out from my soul at your killer birthday.

    You and the hubs keep kicking it. In my single days, I always thought the phrase "You have to work at marriage," was a load of balls, but sometimes the Hallmarkesque cliches are true.


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