You SO Want to be My Friend

Because I would do great things for you.

Like, if you had a serious surgery, I would make you an amazing dinner consisting of, but not limited to:

Asian Meatloaf
Wasabi Mashed Potatoes
Lightly Sauteed Purple Kale

It is what I like to call Hip Comfort Food.

See? I told you you want to be my friend.


  1. oooh what a good friend. I just bought him an unhealthy pizza.

  2. oh yes. iRock.

    and never underestimate the power of an unhealthy pizza my friend!!

  3. I had surgery and all my 'friend' made me was chicken broth with a few canned garbonzo beans. Can I have a re-do?

    Mind you, I have quite a few awesome friends, but a girl can never have too many.

  4. Hee, "Hip Comfort" I like that. You are indeed a very good friend Miss Boo.

  5. curious: chicken broth and garbonzo beans? I mean, sure, if you had your tastebuds surgically removed. But otherwise... HUH?
    You can most certainly have a re-do.

    alex: why thanks! I love a good ego stroke. (even if I ask for it by posting this kind of thing in the first place.)


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