Extroversion in Action

So, nervous as I am, and despite having not been on stage in a number of years, I have a gig tonight.

Once, in another life, I was a jazz singer. Apparently, I still am. So tonight, I go before the chilled citizens of my fair city of Asheville, the liberal oasis in the midst of the bible belt, and belt out the tunes from the 20s and 30s—the magical era of torch songs and jazz standards—and a few from recent history, as well. (Thank you Norah Jones, for not sucking.)

So if you're in the mood for lobster, jazz, and a negative wind chill, come join me. I'll be taking shots of Patron afterwards.




  1. No shit? Really? That's so awesome!

    Well hell, good luck and all that. Someday, promise me you'll sing my all time favorite torch song - "Till the Real Thing Comes Along," and the I'll be your bestest friend.

    Seriously, good luck and have an absolute blast.

  2. If I lived anywhere remotely close, I'd come to cheer you on (very politely of course). But since I can't I wish you the best of luck and lots of fun from where I am.

    What songs will you be singing? (Will there be pictures?)

  3. wow, thanks you guys! such warmth :)

    TK: I promise you, one day I will sing "Till the Real Thing Comes Along" and record it for you.

    GWCH: I'm singing the following, as well as others:

    The Lady is a Tramp
    Whatever Lola Wants
    Black Coffee
    Garota de Ipanema
    Don't Know Why

  4. Awesome songlist! Hmm, now I'm thinking of putting in a request for when we meet.

    I really hope you had a great night.

  5. Good job! We were all very proud of you.

  6. If I had been on the same Continent then I would have had me a front row seat. And if we ever meet you're totally singing me Manhattan ;)

    Hope it was amazing and that the dreaded stage fright demons didn't getcha.

  7. Awesome! I hope it went well (knowing it did)...

    Did you sing that "Nine to Five" song? I like that one.


  8. Where, where , where did you sing?

    Man, you make me want to go back to Asheville so bad.

  9. girlwithhair: yeah, it was a great set. hopefully i will have pictures later; a friend of mine came by and took some... :)

    effina: thanks girl!! thanks for coming to hear me. and give me awesome smiles!

    alex: it certainly was fun. maybe when i'm in the uk, you can hook me up with a gig! (i'm thinking october!!) then you can certainly hear me. unless i get something recorded before then. Manhattan. Got it.

    brad: ha! i love you. and no, i didn't sing 5 to 9....

    manda: i sang at this nice restaurant called The Lobster Trap. I had never been there before (and I was born here, so...) but it was really cool. great little stage, and a decent sound system. (A restaurant that has their own P.A. Go figure.) And you should totally come back to Asheville. IT ROCKS. (and I was born here, so...) heh.

    Thanks everyone, for the well-wishes. Hopefully I have another gig soon!

  10. Cool! The closest I've ever come is is hosting Karaoke night at an El Torito...did I just say that?


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