I Guess It's Better Than Alka Seltzer...

Apparently, there is such a large pigeon problem at the Vatican that they have started feeding the pigeons birth control.


One would assume that a more logical solution (especially considering Catholic beliefs) would be to remove the vendors that sell bird feed. I mean, isn't that what the Crusades were all about?? Removing the food source and the vermin will follow?

How would you classify this class-less attempt at cleanliness? Oxymoronic, hypocritical, or conundrum?



    [gasps for breath]


    [wipes away tears]

    Oh, sweet irony, I dub thee delicious.

  2. yes, after i stopped gasping for air, i knew i had to share this with the community.

    irony is delicious. i like it with a side of scrambled brains.

  3. File this one under hypocracy. And stupidity. And one of those funny little moments where I have a connection to bizarre things: I was working on a project with the guy who came up with the idea of selling the Pill to City governments to control pigeon populations 'humanely'.

    And Boo, I pretty much expected no lesser reaction from you about what happened to my friend.

  4. It is simple: Jesus hates disease-spreading flying rodents.

    I could do a "that's why the hiltons drove to Sundance" joke, but I am much too mature for that.


Spit it, betch!