The Word of the Day is Butt Cleavage

The only thing more absurd than Ice T's wife Coco and her GI-NORMOUS ASS is the fact that she's giving marriage advice on the same spread:

I have to say, the butt supports are very sensible. Who knows where that ass could be in 5 years without them?


  1. i kind of have a soft spot for coco

  2. you know, i do too. after i posted this, i realized that i shouldn't judge her marriage advice based solely on her form of extroversion. i mean, hell, if anyone can appreciate the extreme, i guess it is me.

    so yeah, coco is kinda cool. a new wave of feminist.

  3. When I see outfits like the one sported by Miz Coco (not that I see a lot of bondage/stripperwear in my day-to-day activities), I am often puzzled as to how one exactly puts something like this on?

    For such a tiny amount of fabric it seems tremedously complicated.

    And I'm not sure if I would take marital advice from a woman married to a self-described pimp.


Spit it, betch!