Photo Love: Skintight

This is the finished product for now. Until I get the itch for more. Trust me, it's happened before.

Pictured here is the tattoo work I began at the start of this past summer, and was finished just after the new year. All work seen here is by Jay Chastain, artist and owner of Empire Tattoo.


  1. HOT! I am looking forward to getting my first tat across my upper back that will be in hebrew - what it will say I haven't decided yet.

    Your's are beautiful though (inclu the breastssss)

  2. HA! why thank you, Tom. I threw the sideboob in there for increased site traffic, of course, so tell all of your friends.

  3. Yay! Boo, now w/ more side boobage!

  4. Hmm. That, Virg, was fairly...tame.

    Call me shocked.

  5. Honestly BOO my friends are mostly homosexualistic so they would say, "Wow look at those Tats!!!"

    My straight friends which are many, are married with kids. BORING!

  6. Awww, come on—everyone can appreciate some sideboob-age, if they really put their minds to it.

    Even you wacky homos.

  7. I ran over as soon as I saw your comment.

    Tattoo hotness is all I have to say. And, I hope you take this in the right spirit, that I love your tattoos so much I want to take them behind the middle school and get them pregnant.

  8. One word: Smacktacular.

    More words: I wish I had the money for more ink. Grrrrr.

  9. That is some seriously impressive work.

  10. you Helmkamps sure likes the ink!

    looking good. Ka-KAW!


    Oh, and nice ink.

    Was that the reaction you were looking for?

  12. GWCH: Why thank you.

    AtO: I certainly take that in the right spirit. (Spirit is just another word for vagina, right?)

    Manda: Yes, it always helps to be able to offer your tattooer some kind of compensation. Since I got married, sex is off the table, but money, I have found, works fabulously.

    bangsandabun: not as seriously impressive as your handle, my dear. love it.

    Brad: it ain't over till I've had a ham.

    k owusu: gosh! thanks! It's nice to carry my investment with me everywhere I go...

    Verm: FINALLY!!! I was feeling so....alone...and cold...and....HOLD ME.

  13. I have to confess, between you and Alex, I have been looking at tattoo websites, pondering the possibilities. I mean, there's almost 5'2 well rounded space with not a speck of ink on it....

    (Oh and I keep coming to look at the flower petals blowing in the wind.)

  14. I won't lie, I like the one showing the side-boob one, but I think that if I didn't like that one, I would have to question my sexuality (smirk). It looks beautiful, as do you.

  15. Those are beautiful tattoos, boo. I'm very impressed. My roommate would absolutely love them (he's a tattoo artist, and has been looking for soften his images). Spectacular!

  16. I came here through Alex's blog and I'm really glad I did because your tattos are amazing. Good tattoos just make people that much more beautiful. I love the colors and how large it is but the negative space keeps the design from overwhelming your body.

  17. Beautiful work.

    I am a tattoo freak, and my guy is actually a tattoo artist so he'll be doing all of my future work.


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