What's Going On???

Just to give you a taste of my life in the past few days....

The Good:
My brother's band, Waiting to Bleed (heavy, heavy metal stuff) got signed to their first label. They are producing two albums and a DVD, so I'll keep you 'heads posted.

The Meh:
We fired the contractor that is building our house. More to follow on that later....(after I finish ripping out the remaining hair on my head). AND, I locked myself (accidentally) in our laundry room yesterday morning for, oh, about TWO Hours.

The Bad:
Our local recycling truck crashed into our truck (my baby!!!!), and now the engine resembles nothing more than a Geiger-esque accordian. Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

And tonight is a full moon/lunar eclipse, so I'm crazy as it is. I'm hoping I'll get through the rest of the week with minimal scarring.

How are y'all???


  1. Yikes! Good luck on that personal safety thing. Maybe you should just stay in bed until the craziness is over?

    I'm broke, seriously hungover, falling asleep at my desk, possibly homeless next year and my body is NOT happy at having been fed pizza at 1am.

    All in all I'm fantastic!

    And that last part was in no way sarcastic - all the above symptoms are always due to a phenomenal night before ;)

  2. Holy crap! That, as the kids are saying these days, both sucks and blows.

    Good luck with getting the ship upright again, Boo.

  3. I say, damn girl! You are one brave toaster to be building your own house. Damn brave.

    The evil gnomes who live in our crawlspace apparently have been crawling up my sinus cavities while I sleep and wreaking havoc. I spent most of the morning sleep-deprived, headachy, and with insane pressure in my ears.

    I made s'mores in my microwave. Now I feel better.

    highly recommended for oogy days such as these.

  4. Well, other than having a sudden craving s'mores, a ton of paper work and a chronic case of procrastination, I think I'm doing relatively well.

    Wasn't your truck new?

    (Also, kudos to your brother).

  5. AtO: Thanks. I wish that was possible. And that sounds like a good reason to feel like crap!

    tk: yes. just call me the intake/outake. thanks.

    manda: well, we are contracting it, and maybe doing some of the building ourselves. but we have the help of excellent consultants. we are S-M-R-T.
    Smores_--gldhglhdglhdlgh (that'll be a Homer imitation)

    GwCH: I AM chronic procrastination. gah. well, my truck wasn't new, but it was paid off, and was my first symbol of self-sufficiency and adulthood. I guess it's back to reality now...
    And thanks on behalf of my bro. If you were into metal, I'd direct you to his website, but I'm guessing you aren't. :)

  6. I wonder what kind of music you think I like...

    I listen to everything--I started the day with Loretta Lynne and made my way to the Foo Fighters by the end of the day.


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