I'm Afraid This is Only the Beginning

So, long story really really short:

We fired our contractor. He had a panic attack* and went to the hospital. He gave us a new (amazing) offer. We re-hired our contractor.

Moral: Panic attacks are good for business**.

*It is never my intention to send someone to the hospital. Unless it is my intention. But in this case, it definitely wasn't.

**God, I'm horrible.


  1. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, am I right? You tell him, next time it won't be the panic attack that'll put him in the hospital... it'll be the beatin'.

  2. Score! Maybe next time you can give him an aneurysm and get an even better deal.

  3. You induce panic attacks? Sweet, colorful Boo? Mind a trip to SoCal? I need to induce a panic attack somewhere and need a little help.

  4. bearing in mind that this is probably a REALLLY long story made REAALLY short, I'm sure the details you are missing out would explain it.

    So...do you charge extra for inducing heart attacks?

  5. It seems like nervous conditions as a bargaining chip ain't working for him...

  6. Panic attacks happens to me once in a while and it's pretty scary everytime it happens. You just loose control of yourself. I've tried http://www.whatcausespanicattacks.com for help.I can see an improvement in my condition already.

  7. We once had an ambulance called out to our house at 3am as one of my flatmates was having a panic attack (they were related to her being dumped several months earlier). I love the girl but I was Not. Fucking. Impresseed.
    Good news on the deal though - it's a totally morally sound course of action.

    I heartily approve.


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