So About That Mormon Thing...

Remember a month ago, when I said I used to be Mormon? Yeah, it's true. But it wasn't not of my own volition; I was born into it. I refused to be a part of it once my bio-dad passed away (he was the main one that forced me to be involved), and that was when I was 14. I think that any group has the potential to take it's beliefs too far, whether it be political, religious, moral, etc., and Mormons are no different. There are many wonderful people that are Mormons, just as there are many wonderful people that are Catholic, Buddhist, Agnostic, and Pagan. But there's always someone who has to ruin it for the rest of them, and with Mormonism I think the percentage of extremists is more than the norm. I found this GREAT video on a friend's website today, so here is your very own animated introduction to Mormonism:

Any questions? Yep, I thought that would clear things up (read: confuse the fuck out of you). And to think, we thought Scientologists were stretching it with the alien thing. I love how the whole video is kind of He-Man animated. It really fits, no?

So, like I said, any questions?


  1. Wait. Is this for real??? If so, I had NO idea that the Mormon belief structure was so far out. I mean... WOW.

    So many strange secrets...

  2. yep! and that's merely the beginning. did you ever see the Southpark episode about mormons? it was ALL TRUE.

  3. Does this mean Mr. Boo gets to be polygamist? I mean, I'm just saying.

  4. onthevirg: oh HELLS no. i don't know if you caught it, but i ain't no mormon no mo'. anyway, the mormon church does not condone polygamy ever since it was outlawed. until you get to the celestial kingdom.


  5. Funny thing, my fiance was raised Mormon, but has since switched to UU. I was raised with guilt, I mean Catholic, and have converted to UU. Are you considering any other religious groups to attend? I've really grown to like the UU churches a lot...cuz I can get drunk at the St. Paddy's day parties.

  6. Hi Boo,

    I just had to comment on your posting!

    Firstly I haven’t been able to view the video for some reason, however reading your script I must say that I’m Catholic by birth, but have thought on more than one occasion about becoming a Buddhist, but the current Agnostic in me at the moment has stopped me doing so.

    Sorry to read about your father, it will be the 19th anniversary of the passing of my father tomorrow.

    Keep up the blog, it makes good reading.


    You can have a look at my blog if you fancy on this link, its not been going that long and its my first attempt so please be nice. http://dirkmac.blogspot.com/

  7. manny: i've thought about a UU congregation, but i'm not at a religious place in my life. i am, surprisingly, a very spiritual person, and i don't feel the need to extemporize those feelings and inclinations, except with my friends and family. but it has crossed my mind.

    mac: my heart to you and your family. from catholic to agnostic and perchance buddhist, eh? that is certainly an interesting spiritual journey. much luck.

  8. Boo, I'll keep you informed on the Spiritual journey, (if anything changes) I think that I could agree with my very best friend that I am an Agnostic Mystic, a Highlander, very spiritual people. Thanks for the kind comments. Mac...

  9. "Catholic, Buddhist, Agnostic, and Pagan"
    What about us atheists? Can we be wonderful too?

  10. Yeah I caught that you were no longer a Mormon. Just an attempt (lame as usual) at humor. I have to say though, that Big Love show on HBO is pretty good.

    My parents were in the Mormon church when I was a young kid. I don't remember much about it though. Now my dad's a born again pastor. I'm not sure which is worse.

  11. I just wanted to weigh in on your mormon post. Some of that little cartoon is accurate, however there is a bunch of stuff that isn't true. I am a mormon and am very familiar with our beliefs. It isn't as weird as that clip makes you think.

  12. do you own the magic Mormon underwear?

  13. Okay, so I was "cursed with brown skin"

    Does the Mormon church have an explanation for how Asians came to be?

  14. I was raised Mormon (but am not anymore), and I have to agree with palmdogg. The cartoon doesn't really depict the church correctly. I think you can tell by the rhetoric that it wasn't made by the church but most likely by one of those detractor organizations that exist for every religion. Funny how they distort the simple things.

  15. Out of curiosity, palmdogg and anonymous, which parts aren't true or are distorted?

    To be fair, if you put a lot of Bible stories into He-Man cartoon format, they'd look just as outlandish. The only reason we don't notice how bizarre they are is because we're so familiar with them.

  16. anonymous: atheists are wonderful too, sugar!

    onthevirg: Big Love IS a great show. Especially because it is all about a very specific sect of Mormonism that even current Mormons purport as too extreme.
    I don't know which is worse either. :|

    palmdogg: i would also like to know which parts aren't true, because that pretty much covers a section of mormon beliefs, as taught to me by my father, who was a bishop and a seminary school teacher.

    bianca: like a fox.

    lozo: i don't, but my dad and his wife did. they are called garments, and you receive them when you are married in a mormon temple. gah!

    greer: sorry for you! :) i think the mormons igmore asians in terms of where their skin color originated. but they probably believe that they saw the truth and reject it, and were "cursed" with small eyes.

    anonymous2: same question as with palmdogg.

    jaime: i think you are spot on. think about some of the crazy-ass stories in the bible. well, the mormons are not all that different. just crazy-ass with an additional book.

  17. i saw this video a while ago. i have a few friends that are mormon and they are very nice, good people, but it does explain why they are a little... how shall i put it... 'OFF'.

    i still think secret underwear is AWESOME though.

  18. I was raised Mormon and have no grudge toward the church. I've since left because I function happier outside of organized religion.

    That being said,
    Aside from the video's content (which is offensive because it's MADE to be offensive) is the egregious way it is being presented here. If you go to the YouTube page and read the description, this WAS NOT put out by the church. It's a propaganda piece.

    If you find this informative, maybe you will find facts, truth and enlightenment in "Birth of a Nation", "The Battleship Potemkin", and "Triumph of the Will".

    Honestly, shame on all of you who are quick to post a disparaging comment without doing the slightest research of what you're forming your opinions around.

    I mean really, if you believed this I see how advertising works.

    Great animation by the way.

  19. Where do I start? It might be easier to tell you what was true. If you are serious about what is and isn't true go to the churches website and look into it.

  20. LOL first of all...no this wrong...Think about it people. If you really wanna know about it visit the website. I mean you go to the source to get answers. NOT off the chain. Thats like going to a reborn again and asking them about being catholic. serious....grow up people. BE SMART AND THINK.


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