48 Hours of Pure, Unadulterated Action

I love movies. I love photography. I love music. I love monkeys*. Of course, this is a perfect formula for the obvious: making a film.

A friend of mine emailed me a couple of months ago, wanting to know if I would like to be involved in a competition. Competition? ME? Abso-fucker-lutely. Competition is the blood that keeps my vacant, empty heart beating with the joy of giving a good smashing to someone else's ego. Or something.

It's called the 48 Hour Film Project, an annual international film competition. The basic premise is that you make a short film (4 to 7 minutes) over the course of 48 hours. Subtle title, no?

The catch is, you don't know what type of film you are making until Friday night at 7. Teams pick a film genre out of a hat, and receive three elements that must be used in the film: a character, a prop, and a line of dialog. From there, you work like mad to write, shoot, edit, and score an awesome shorty.

We had a crackerjack (yeah, I said it!) team this year, from director to mistress of props, and I have to say that if we don't win best film for our city, it will be because someone else's film was just. that. good.

I think I'll wait to go into details until I can post our finished product, so you'll have to be patient. But there are screenings starting tonight (Asheville Pizza and Brewery, in case you're a local), and I'm going to gauge audience reaction.

But here are our elements:

Genre: Comedy (awesahhhmm!)

Character: Vick/Vicki Putterman, Environmentalist
Prop: an umbrella (heh heh heh)
Dialog: That's not the way I heard it. (ho hum)

We basically created a story around our prop, the umbrella. He experiences a full day of violence, culinary creations, dancing, and sex. That's right: UMBRELLA SEX.

Check back often and regularly for more!

Boo, out.

*Note: No monkeys were harmed in the writing of this blog.


  1. umbrella sex. You just know that fat assed Michael Moore is going to protest this with his own film now, don't you? *sigh* Oh well. Can you at least throw in a guest appearance by the isotoner glove or something at least? :P

  2. yes, let's have a cage match: umbrella, isotoner glove, and a ch-ch-ch-chia. to the death.

    NO! to the PAIN.

  3. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out "Dear God, what is that thing," will echo in your perfect ears.

    I'm fully expecting a youtube video. Anything less is unacceptable.

  4. tk: i promise to deliver.

  5. just so you know... in your little poll quiz deal thingee- I voted for 'spy' and 'porn' - and that's not to say that I'd be into making porn or spy movies - but rather that I'm way turned on by 'spy porn' - which - for further clarification - would have nothing to do with the kind of 'spy porn' that may be qualified by searching for the disproportionately small member belonging to one's significant other. No - i'm talking about me making porn with spies (with non-disproportionately small members) - or spying on people making porn... and stealing their secrets. hot. yep.

  6. God... it's so... BIG... and BLUE... and... wait... what smells like LASAGNA?


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