A Quick and Easy Cheer Up Solution

Old pictures from friends, drunken parties, the dude that passes out, and the people that write all over him with a permanent marker.

(Click Image for Uber Enlargement!)

I, of course, drew a penis on his forehead. He was enormously pissed, but I had a good guffaw about it.

Thanks G. I totally needed that.

Oh, and do you remember him waking up and screaming in my face, even though I was NOT the instigator (for the first time in my life)?? Heee!


  1. Good thing it wasn't a naked party. Dude might've had a head on his wang to go with the wang on his head! HA!

  2. What tha! Baby Momma is gankin' my spotlight! That's my picture, that I just emailed to her! Why, I otto!

  3. Awesome! I'm more of a "shave off their eyebrows" kind guy, though.

  4. sinker squid: yeah, if it was a naked party, i would have had something way worse than a sharpie.

    brad: haaaaaa! Gina punked you.

    manny: i thought about that, but at that level of inebriation, i didn't want to risk blood. maybe an electric razor, though! good thinking.


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