I Love Monkey Torture

I guess it's all incestuous around here, what with the bug torture blogs from onthevirg, and TK, and Meg's poor mouse (the themes people, not incestuous with critters. geez, get yer minds outta there!). So when I read litelysalted's Kids in the Hall post, I remembered back 12, nay 14 years ago, when The State first aired on MTV (back when it only sucked a little less than it does now). Does anyone remember The State? I hope so.

hee hee hee!! Oh, those GUYS!

Oh, and also: puddin'.

To this day, me and the hubs STILL say "I wanna DIP MY BAAAALLLLLSS in it." (What can I tell ya, we're fun people!)
AAAAAAAND Kabuki State:

True comedy, folks. And with that, I bid yieu adieu.


PS: Remember "Wet Hot American Summer"? Yeah, me too!


  1. what was the one with the prom skit where they jumped around and said "gotta get a date to the prom, gotta get a date, YEAH!" and then someone wanted wanda, and someone else wanted to be 'Bozz's bitch'(!)... and then there was one skit that involved police officers with giant forks busting in on family dinner... no, i'm not hallucinating, it's canadian humor!

  2. Because we are basically 30-something children, my friends and I have never let go of "I wanna dip my balls in it".

    I miss The State.

  3. hipster: i remember the prom date sketch. do you remember the fishing for muppets sketch? they would sit at a window and ask what the number of the day was, and a little seasame street-like muppet would pop up, and they would catch it in a net. effing great.

    tk: it doesn't matter how old anyone is, dippin' your balls in it is high comedy. i wish i had balls, just so i could dip them in somethin'. just sayin.

  4. Hey girl

    I is in the blogospherz

  5. I love monkey torture. I have always been a big fan of The State. I've been waiting for years for it to come out on DVD, but supposedly it's been wrapped up in red tape. They do have it on iTunes now, though. (But I'm still waiting for DVD, because I'm poor and can't afford to buy it twice.)

    My faves: (besides monkey torture) are "Porcupine Racetrack" and "Pants."


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