Saturday Night Jollies Follies

The events I am about to relate really happened this past Saturday night.

I come home with my "friend". I have a backache from building a deck all day. I am in pain, but nothing serious. I am, however, in need of some serious, ahem, sexual healing.

"Friend" falls asleep. I am without relief. I begin to relieve myself, as was a habit during the last stages of my mostly sexless marriage.

Just as I'm reaching liftoff, "friend" wakes up (because apparently I was moaning), and asks me, "Are you ok? Do you need a doctor?"

I promptly lose my liftoff.

"What?" I ask.

"Do you need a doctor?"


"For my orgasm?"

"Oh. I thought you were in pain. Because of your back."

We laugh. Alot. And then we both relieve each other. Several times.


  1. Now why do I always get slapped in the face?


  2. That's it. I'm packing a bag right now and driving to Booville. And, um, my back hurts.


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