F*ck Like a Rabbit

First of all, I have two words for you: regrown penises.

Which brings me to a question.

Why rabbits? I mean, as far as I know, they aren't endangered and clearly don't have reproductive issues, thus the saying "fuck like a rabbit".

I don't know, couldn't they have tried to regrow another animal's penis? Maybe one that needs help, like the Giant Panda? Or a polar bear?

Oh, and on my feminist rant side: WTF! Science makes it easier for men to knock up women. When are they gonna make a penis that shoots blanks? What about MALE BIRTH CONTROL that doesn't involve clipping tubes?

Come AHN.


  1. you had me at "penis"...

    i could be the poster-boy for male birth control. i could stand around in PSAs all day long, Not Getting a Single Woman Pregnant.

    Nor the Married Ones.

  2. So...I've actually done research on this. They were testing a male birth control in Europe. They were looking at it here in the states and this is what they basically concluded. Mind you I would take birth control in a heart beat. They found that with condoms...and female birth control...that the "use" of a male contraceptive is not cost effective. Drug companies don't see the point. Women take the brunt of it. Go figure. I wonder how many men over the age of 60 are the heads of those drug companies.


Spit it, betch!