Boo's Top Five: Things I Love Today

5. Mastering the art of the Snooze.
I think I have finally found my sweet spot in the War on Waking (WoW). I usually set my alarm for about an hour before I know I should be out of bed (I know, I'm kind of a masochist in that way), and then I hit my alarm about 5 times before getting out of bed. That method was not making me a happy camper. Now, I still wake at the hour early mark, but then set my snooze for an hour of uninterrupted sleep. Result? Happy Morning Boo!

4. Rain boots.
Silly me, thinking hurricane season was over! But at least I got to break out my ubercute rain boots!

3. Sweet puppy kisses.
Yes, she has had a bad habit lately of eating my bread products, but I did say I wanted to eat less carbs, so maybe she is just looking out for me. However, the baguette buried under my pillow was a less-than-happy discovery. But then it made me laugh. So, win win, I guess.

2. Black Currant Probiotic juice [currently testing: Good Belly brand]
This stuff is SO MUCH better than trying to choke down a thick mess of kefir in the morning when I don't feel like eating anything, much less a thicker version of yogurt that takes five minutes to pour out of the damn container because is it SO THICK. On top of it NOT being kefir, it actually tastes like delicious, gourmet grape juice. Win win!

1. Mexican mocha from Izzy's.
A delicious hot mocha with cayenne pepper from my favorite coffee spot. Ahhhhhhh CAFFEINE.


Spit it, betch!