Now that I have your attention: boobs.

This is the kind of science I can really get behind. And under. And on top of. And bouncy.


  1. Huh? Boobies? Hello? You called?

    Ohhhh, it's sciencey stuff! Yay science!

    Now seriously, where are they hiding?

  2. That was so dick...

    However, the article was interesting.

    You're forgiven.

  3. What a cool story! Stem cell research can offer so much if only the U.S. could just STOP being so assy about the subject...NO, if only the fundamentalists could just remove their heads from their asses.
    I get grouchy.
    I also like boobs.
    A LOT.

  4. Spender-

    This research would not be affected by the ban. Banned cells are harvested from purpose-built embryos: new life created for death (and therein lies the moral outrage from the right). These stem cells are harvested from the host's fat tissue.

  5. that is great news, considering my mom had her hoo-has lopped off about 6 yrs ago. maybe she'd like to grow a new set. except then her new boobs would only be like a year old and the rest of her would be like 65. i need that picture in my mind to go away


Spit it, betch!