I'm Feeling Rough I'm Feeling Raw I'm in the Time of My Life

The Good: Swimming in the lake. Fresh cherries and boiled peanuts. Long, lazy girl-talk on floats. Driving fast, with the wind blowing through my hair. Great music. Dancing like a maniac until I'm dripping with sweat and a smile that I can't shake. Laughing with my best friends. Sleeping in late. Real late. Fireworks from the ridge of a rooftop. Sparklers. Sitting at a bar, drinking a beer by myself. Getting hit on (???) five times in 10 minutes. Lazing around in my friend's beautiful home, reading magazines and talking shit.

The Bad: Saying goodbye to a friend. Safe travels, love. Visit often and repeat frequently.


  1. LOOOVVVEE boiled peanuts. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

  2. We ARE in the time of our life. I miss you babe. Reinventing my blogger self. Will let you know when up and running. MUAH.


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