Geez Subconscious. Give me a Freakin' Break.

I had yet another sex dream about the soon to be ex Mister Boo last night. This is the third one in two weeks.


What the fuck, brain?


  1. Arg that sucks because it probably makes you feel more conflicted and sad about everything! I have a love/hate relationship with sex dreams, too.

  2. ok, and here's the problem: the dreams are all sexual, but we haven't actually DONE IT in the dreams. Something always stops us. One time, I stopped us. Then another time, dinosaurs (I shit you not) stopped us. This last time, my not knowing how to give a blowjob stopped us.

    I don't actually not know how to give a blowjob, BTW.

  3. Yeah usually when I have a sexy dream like that I stop it because I think I'm cheating on M! And then I wake up and I'm like "NOOOOO! You Fool!"

    But I did have a pretty sweet make out dream this morning.


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