The Honest Truth

"I knew who you were when I asked you to marry me...I knew you were complicated. Challenging."

I stand there silently, watching his face while he searches for the words.

"I thought I could handle you. But I couldn't even handle me handling you."

He looks so sad. My heart wrenches with the truth of it. It's probably the most honest, real thing he's ever said to me. I feel hot tears start to fall down my cheeks.

"I know."


  1. I hope that these types of conversations don't make you doubt or blame yourself. *Everyone* is complicated and challenging, including your ex. This situation is not your fault because you're too unwieldy or whatever...

  2. I'm glad he recognized that I was never NOT myself. That is far more important to me than anything else.

    Hell, I AM challenging and complicated. And I like that about myself. It sure does weed people out of my life.

  3. Don't let someone make you doubt yourself. Only when a person is happy with their self can they truly make someone else happy.


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