Hump Day Bullets

  • I want more ink. Like, now. (That would be the tattoo type ink. Not, like, quill ink.)
  • I usually love my job, but I have hit a huge motivation pothole, and it popped my fucking tires.
  • Our house is a-getting built! Woooo hooo! The kitchen is going to have that cool half door where you can open just the top or just the bottom or both. I heart options!
  • My friend Not-So-Modest Mouse is a baaaad blog updater, but an awesome fucking YouTube treasure hunter. Unicorn Planet HEYYY! And damn if I will ever NOT drink Guinness without a straw. Ever again.
  • I'm itching to grow a garden and start canning. And making fresh salsa. And drinking margaritas.
  • Me and hubs are going to Mexico HEYYY!
  • My mom (guh, I can't believe I'm about to say this) asked me for advice about sex toys. shakes head violently to prevent mental images. FUCK. Didn't work. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
For your viewing pleasure: Planet Unicorn HEYYY!


  1. More ink? Will you and Alex keep going until I start getting tattoos? I say go for it.

    Think of a happy place with cupcakes and flowers--sadly, that's the best I can come up with.

  2. So, what did you tell her? Is she going stainless steel or latex? And , most importantly, is this a solo gig, or for a party?

    Just kidding. I don't want you any crazier than you are...yet.

    By the way, I go through all the trouble of finding clips from possibly the greatest game EVAR, and you pick unicorns? All I am going to say is: suck my missile punch.

    If you don't know what that means, it is your own fault for not seeing the videos.

  3. OMFG - i got boo shout out. I'm so excited I think I'll post something.

  4. 1. Yeah, I'm thinking of getting another tat while I'm back in Bangkok myself. I'm thinking of getting a big picture on my back of TK running thru woods screaming like a little girl (like usual), a la 'Edvard Munich.'

    2. Not to toot my own horn (err ... who are we kidding, of COURSE I am) and not taking away from Mouse, but for all my REGULAR readers, I had the planet unicorn up last May 07:


    Carry on ...


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