A Call to Arms

Sorry for my serious absence folks. I have been on my ass all week with a sickness, and today (Friday) is my first day back to work all week. So yeah.

But more importantly: a good friend has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. I have never met her in person, but have spent time over the last year getting to know her through the internet. I say this so that everyone reading it will, perhaps for one moment, turn their attention and energy to her. Please send your thoughts, meditations, and prayers to her and her family during this incredibly difficult time. And if you live in the Richmond, VA area, please get on the bone marrow donor registry. In fact, wherever you live, go out today and donate blood or sign up for the national bone marrow donor list. Consider it a gift to the world. But at the very least, send your good energy to my friend. She, her husband, and her 2 year old son will certainly appreciate it.

Thanks guys.


  1. For whatever little it is worth (my opinion, that is), I echo Boo's sentiments, as I've had friends and relatives face this disease, and it's at least one of the cancers that can be cured when you match up the right donor to the right cancer victim. Shame that ovarian cancer and lung cancer, which are so often late-stage by the time they are even diagnosed (and which got my mom and mom-in-law, respectively) and some others don't even have that good of an option. But just like having enough blood on hand, it means nothing if people don't register/donate.

  2. You're damn good peoples, Boo.

  3. Hey; I live in Richmond! and Hey; I gave blood just last week.

    (don't you have some things to flickr?)

  4. hey hey hey! no demanding, mister. i'll put them up when i'm damn good and ready.

    (ahem...they'll be up tomorrow, i hope.)

    and good for you for donating blood! yay brad!


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