Fuck This. I'm Ex-Pat-ing Myself.

I can't even talk about the crap-fest that was last night's "debate." So imagine my horror when I saw this little gem on Jezebel.


And just for the record, since when did "patriotism" come in the form of a cheap, plastic pin with a "Made in China" stamp on the back???


  1. I refused to watch this debate since each debate seems to be a greater insult to the intelligence of people who don't think a church should be the focal point of political decisions.

    And those stupid pins are to patriotism, what McDonald's is gourmet food: cheap, lazy and unrelated.

  2. Awesome analogy. So fitting.

  3. The book made me want to cry. There's nothing like teaching young children that the process of ageing is unnatural and must be surgically corrected!


  4. Let's all weep unitedly for the death of the world.

    I anticipate buying a case of patron, squeezing some fresh lime juice, and drinking margaritas until I die.

  5. Wow, just when I was considering a VISIT back to the States.

    Fuck. That. You people are nucking futs.

    ALrighty then, if you need me, I'll be napping on some beach in Indonesia.


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