Consistent Nudity (H/T Julie)

There is something very refreshing about someone consistently seeing you naked. Especially when he talks about how hot you are every time it happens.


  1. That, and sex on your lunch break kinda fucking rocks, too.

  2. Consistent nudity is definitely the best motivation to deny yourself a cookie. Sigh. I WANTED that cookie.

    And on your lunch break?! Oh you marvelous heathen you. Would that I could.

  3. Well, we now we know he's not blind and knows a good thing when he sees it.

  4. I SO agree with you on that. I was in a long distance relationship for like 2 years and when it ended in May and I started dating Ashley, it was weird seeing someone again on a consistent basis, but very, very nice :). Go nudity and lunch sex.

    Maybe you could start eating fruit for lunch and combine the two :)



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