Destination: Unknown

We didn't make it to Mexico.

Me and the hubs got to the gate for our early morning flight, and just as we were stepping up I realized I had not yet changed my passport to my married name. Of course, the hubs had booked us under our married monikers, as he should. I haven't been out of the country since we got married, so I haven't even thought about it.

So yeah, they didn't let me on the plane, and the sweet hubs refused to go without me. So we changed our tickets to go out to L.A. to visit the good friends with the sweet bebe, who is not such a bebe anymore.

But before we left for L.A., I went and got mah hair did. Whad'ya think?

Peace out from L.A. peeps. Don't underestimate the ability to fuck yourself over. It is a lesson well-learned.




  1. Your hair is awesome. Realizing your passport name doesn't match your ticket name in the airport, not so awesome.

    Have fun in La La Land with the bebe.

  2. Y acouldn't go down to a local CVS and re-do a passpoort?

    I'm feelin' the hair. Always a bonus when there's a racing stripe involved.

  3. L.A>rad.

    new hair>rad.

    Mexico? overrated with severe potential for digestive discomfort. Go forth and gather thyself acquisitions of the amazing west coast vintage variety to cure your wardrome blues.... not that you EVER get THOSE. heeh. miss you betch. You look badass, per your usual.

  4. ouch! That might explain the mysterious pictures of what can only be described as S.C.O.T.S. I received on my phone.

    That reminds me, my passport is expiring this month, or has already. I better make sure my married name is on it.

  5. love the hair yo!
    love the blog too..inspired me, it did...got ma a blog of my own now!

  6. Hi boo
    Love the herrrr
    Hope you made it home safe and sound & you'uns are cozy during the storm.

  7. Hiya Boo,

    I'm making the rounds just in case you didn't get an email invitation. Our email database is spotty at best.

    The Extravablogiversapaloozathon 2008 is September 27th, and we're hoping every area blogger will come!

    Party Info here.

    BlogAsheville awards nomination thread here.

    RSVP thread here.

  8. Look at you getting all West Coast on us.

    Your hair is fine/


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