Boo's Top Ten: Why Margaret Cho Rocks

10. She's SOOOO nineties. It makes me super nostalgic.

9. She's Korean, and therefore most likely shares my intense love of kimchee.

8. She met Arsenio Hall. (A personal hero of mine.)

7. A pretty freaking hilarious comic.

6. Talks very openly about her drug addiction and subsequent recovery.

5. A huge supporter of gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender rights.

4. She does a burlesque routine.

3. Wearing a fake penis.

2. While showing her beautiful and imperfect belly.

1. And her amazing tattoo work, some of which was done by the legendary Ed Hardy.


  1. I love Margaret Cho with all the passionnate fire of a thousand suns. She is, in fact, the only woman on my definitive five freebies list.

    I'm currently rewatching all of her comedy shows via the means of YouTube. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

  2. She most definately rocks. The new ink makes her even hotter. Sex with her would probably not be great because I can only picture her doing the fake "Korean mom" accent through the whole thing. Otherwise, perfect 10 as far as I'm concerned. Cunning Linguist approved.

  3. I once saw her on Oprah. Yeah, I went to Oprah. It was the 90s... everyone was doing it. Anyhoo, she was hilarious and seemed both bemused and amused at being on Oprah.

  4. are you going to watch her show? (do you have cable at mammy's house?)...her tattoos remind me of yours!

  5. I just saw Margaret this spring when she performed here. It was hilarious.

    Megbon-I'm extremely envious that you got to go to an Oprah show. And saw Margaret on top of it? Lucky!

  6. I freaking love her. Her "shit my pants" bit is the one thing that actually made me stop breathing and piss my pants. Literally. I'm not kidding. She's just...awesome.

  7. hello.

    my name is gwen.

    i'm here to WARSH YER VAGINER!

    *endless cho love*


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