Pseudo Self Indulgent

Hi Peeps.

I wanted to throw a little love out there, and let you know that I have been part of a creative writing blog for the last couple of months, Blog Me a Tale, and I just posted another short. Please go check it out, and the other amazing writers that contribute to that blog. Feel free to comment! Writers (well, most writers, I guess) enjoy feedback.

I am also on the verge of another blogging community endeavor, The Music is the Message. It is a dedicated music-lover's blog, and I think as it progresses, you will discover amazing new music, find appreciation for the old stuff, and maybe even give another type of music a chance.

So y'all come on back, ya hear?




  1. oooh I love your stories! You're quite the writer miss thang. BTW I have a song for you: "Ready for the Floor" by Hot Chip.

  2. always love finding new spaces to discover unheard music. ty

  3. eff: thanks babes. I never thought of myself as a writer--just a communicator. But you probably already know that...

    cunning l: glad to be of service. the music blog should be pretty sweet.


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