The Promised Land: Parting the Red Sea

Way back in April of 2007, my hubs and I bought some property. We sold our condo for a "sweet little profit" as my realtor likes say, and started the process of building our own home.

As of today, we are moving for the third time since that April of 2007, and we are NOT moving into our new home. Yet.

It is so close; I can almost lick it. But we are only nearing the hardest part: Finishing the house ourselves. So, we are moving into the basement of the brand new house next door (that would be my mom's pad--story for another day). An unfinished basement. Our entire house. And we will be there for probably the next two months.

Can I tell you what it is like, living with most of your stuff in storage for a year and a half? It is actually pretty cool; I've realized how little I need all this "stuff" that I constantly collect. Now that we are packing up the things we brought to our rental (aka flea bag central, if you were a reader last summer), I just want to throw the boxes in the back of our truck, drive to goodwill, put the tailgate down, reverse into the parking lot really really fast, and hit the brakes. Thud. Boom. Gone.

Simplify simplify simplify. That is what screams through my mind at times like these. Times when I am once again rolling up some delicate little thing that someone gave us one time for the 5th time, putting it in the box, only to pull it out later and put it back on a fucking shelf. Ridiculous.

Anyway, we are moving this weekend. Again. AND! (and this is a very strange happening, especially in my family) every member of my immediate family is ALSO moving this weekend. Guess what that means? No help moving for any of us. It is actually kind of funny; my mom is moving into her brand new house (which totally rocks--I'll post pictures at some point, I think), my brother is moving into his first-time-owner home, and my baby sister might be moving to a different apartment. She doesn't know yet; she still doesn't technically have a place to move to.

Our house should be done by late September. Me and SuperHubs are doing all the painting, trimwork, floors, and putting in our own kitchen. The WHOLE kitchen-caboodle. (See what I did there? Yep.)

So it is like Moses, taking the peeps to the promised land, but now he's got to part the Red Sea. So we are getting geared up to part some sea.

I'm way to busy to be clever today.




  1. If I had to choose between moving and say... putting a red hot poker up my ass while watching a Murder She Wrote marathon, it'd be a tough choice. Dare I say.... Angela Lansbury would get a good watching for a day.

    I do not envy you this weekend.

  2. In January, 2006, Mr. Pea and I bought a house. We figured it would take a few months to fix it up.

    After several encounters with unexpected problems ("Hey! you're the people who bought the house from the Hell Neighbours"), it's 2.5 years in and we're still working (current project: replacing the ceiling tiles and insulation in the basement apartment).

    We're living in ours while we work, which puts a big damper on it. While it sucks that you're moving again, and still not into the new house, it will be much, much easier to do the finishing touches when you won't have to move your life out of the way first.

    Good luck!

  3. Throw in the largest street festival in the southeast happening THIS WEEKEND in my town--our usual 90,000 population grows to almost 350,000--and you have a recipe for me pulling myself bald.

    Good times, good times.

  4. aw man I wish we could help you. And eat burritos and drink margaritas afterward. :(


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