Boo's Top Ten: Reasons I Should Not Have Left Bed Today

10. Nearly sprained my ankle getting out of bed.

9. Nearly breaking my dog's leg by almost spraining my ankle getting out of bed.

8. Late for work.

7. I might not have a place to live when I move out of my rental. Next week.

6. Fighting with the hubs is bad for sex life.

5. No breakfast due to being late for work.

4. Was awake past 2:30 am again. Couldn't sleep.

3. No clean socks. At least, no good clean socks. Everything is packed up to move.

2. Unusually expensive water bill. Like, as in, three times the normal water bill. Which might mean we have a leak, but you know what, fuck it, I'm moving out; my landlord can deal with it.

1. I want to murder everyone that crosses my path with eye daggers. That is probably a good indicator that I should not leave the house. Much less come into contact with....people...



  1. you should have called in sick today (like I did). ahhhhh...poor boo boo. Melatonin will help you sleep.

  2. Sounds like a decidedly un fun day. I am having something similar myself today. Want to crawl home and go to bed but alas! I have to phone people and arrange things. *shudder*

  3. Two of the worst feelings in the world. #1, no good clean socks. I hate that. #2, running out of toilet paper. Neither of which I'd wish on my worst enemy.

  4. Oh Boo! I hope your day is better. I have a California solution to #3: Flip-flops. Apparently they're appropriate for every occasion.

    And some people are begging for death by eye-daggers.


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