Oh Shit Moments

Our house is WAAAAAAAAY over budget.



  1. Bound to happen. Which is why we have an unfinished basement and only half of the house is stuccoed.

    Did the bank fuck y'alls over?

  2. HA! Wow, that is so weird: we are leaving the basement unfinished (we were going to dry it in) and we aren't stucco-ing the exterior to make up for this huge overage. Weird.

    No, the bank didn't really fuck us. It was that first contractor. He said he did all this shit (like dig our septic field, put in a well, etc.) that he didn't do, so here we are, late in the game and having to do it.


  3. Ugh! Blows!

    With us, we planned and had a budget and all that sort of good stuff -- and then we met with the bank and they would only give us like 95% of whatever it was "appraised" for, and then the appraiser totally lowballed us, so we had to frantically scramble to make everything come together last minute, and resubmit a new budget and whatnot. Fun!

    Oh, and our basement has a built in wine cellar, too! Which we can't use because it's just a big concrete hole in the ground for now. Boo!


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