The Best Things to Do on a Weekend

In no particular order:

-Abita Strawberry Lager. Their seasonal spring beer. Not sweet, not too hoppy, just right.

-Make up sex. Enough said.

-Twin Peaks marathon with a virgin. Much thanks to TK and his spectacular review that prompted me to immediately buy the box set with the remainder of my money and not eat fish tacos for TWO DAYS because I was broke in the pocket. And it is so worth it.

-Wake up sex. Also enough said.

-Beautiful weather, mountains, lakes, dogs swimming, and sunshine.

-Lovely concert and dinner with my mom and her admittedly awesome boyfriend. He rocks. Mainly because he said I looked beautiful (I did) and that he loved my hair (as I do). So, clearly his tastes are impeccable. But that could have been declared for the mere fact that he is dating my mom. She is a piece, y'all. A serious piece.

-Sunday softball game in the rain. I caught two infield popflys, tagged a runner out at third, and had two singles! My hubs slid into home for a score, as well as killed at first base. We are the coolest couple ever.

-Taking a mental sick day on a Monday. Man, did my laundry ever need that one!

-Visiting the house site. I can't wait to start updating the blog with loads of house info that no one but me cares about. And that is the way I like it. Truly. (Although, I probably have some out-of-town friends that would appreciate an ACTUAL place to sleep when they come visit, rather than a beat down old air mattress and my dog licking them to wakefulness at 6am after a night of drunken mess and almost getting run over by a crazy old man in a red car. I'm watching you, crazy old red car driving man! I'm watching you....


  1. That sounds like a kick-ass way to spend any weekend. I spent last Friday night getting wasted with my step-dad. Evidently he's managed to keep my random confessional ranting to myself as my mother is still talking to me.

    Stupid free two bottles of wine.

  2. Heh. You're very welcome. Sounds like things are going swimmingly!

  3. alex: indeed, it is worthy of any "good weekend" classification. yay for the step-pop keeping it in the vault. and for two free botts.

    tk: oh yes, lovely, lovely. i'm just ignoring the not-so-great things today. ignorance really IS bliss.

  4. I am writing a song about crazy old red car driving man - to the tune of "broken hearted hoover fixer upper guy" I think it will line up quite nicely, thank you mr hansard. I woke up in a xanax induced haze monday morning to learn that I had made out with goth boy (AGAIN) and came to the foggy conclusion that not only would he probably not call me, I don't think I even got off. GAH. I WISH I'd been on a half inflated air mattress w/ Isis making sweet sweet puppy love to my nose. sheez. (that could have been its own post, eh?)
    oh well. miss you.

  5. I completely agree with Twin Peaks marathons with a TP virgin. I did this multiple times in my early twenties, and scared my TP virgin friend so bad she cried. Real tears.


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