Bush, Go Home.

So did someone tell Bush that he is up for re-election? Because his sentiments in his last three public appearances have been heavily manipulative, fear mongering, and really fucking remind me of 2001--a place in time that not many of us want to visit ever again.

And, are my ears deceiving me, or did he ACTUALLY say that if America elects a democratic president, then another major terrorist attack is inevitable??

He's just fucking with us now, right? Or is he testing to see how far the people of this country will really let him go???

AND MS. PELOSI: Impeachment should NEVER be off the table. EVER. We should always have the right to kick a fucking idiot to the curb. It would be the first move in a long line of decisions that should have been made, but deferred in the interest of politics.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I want someone to act in the interest of the American citizens, not in the interest of a fucking political race.


  1. I think if I'm ever lucky enough to bed you, at the moment of climax I'll say something like "You know.... Limbaugh is right most of the time". I'd imagine you'd clench up so tight the wax would shoot out of my ears. Best orgasm ever for me? You bet. Last one ever for me? It'd be worth it, is all I can say. lol.... glad to see you havn't lost your writing style,cutie. (p.s. - you know you missed me, admit it )

  2. ole: high fives.

    cunning linguist: Where on earth have you been???

    Great comment, by the way. I suspect you would be right on all assumptions.

  3. meh.... here and there. Moved across state lines. New (old, really) place, different faces and people to torment. You know the deal. Keep checking my ramblings and you'll eventually be up to speed on things I s'pose.

    Somehow I knew I'd be right. *wink*


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