A Quick Gripe

You know what really buggers my ass? When people use the "it's going to look so horrible when you're old" argument against getting tattoos.

Guess what dumb dumbs: we ALL look like shit when we're old. A little skin decoration isn't going to change that.

So suck it.


  1. Yes, but between now and when you're old, you have beautiful artwork.

    (BTW--I say this as someone who generally doesn't like tattoos and has occasionally used that argument. Sorry.)

  2. Not to mention that most people who say that don't realize that there have been serious advances in tattooing technology and inks, and that those old, runny Navy tats you see on your retired plumber neighbor are completely different from what's being done now. So that's not really true, unless you're going to either get enormously fat or lose 100 pounds.

    So there.

  3. Amen sister. If I'm still showing off the level of skin I'd need to be to show off all my tattoos at the age of 80 I'm really not going to care what people think of me... because I'll be in a mental home.

    I don't show off that much skin NOW.

    I try explaining that to people TK but they look at me blankly. All together now: "That's what touch ups are for"

  4. gwch: exactly. and when i get there, maybe i'll get another one, just to piss people off and gross out a young tattoo artist... :)

    tk: for SURE. new inks, new guns, more knowledge... hell, i'll probably look better than most people at that age, because having tattoos makes you take better care of your skin (e.g. sunscreen)! so take that, naysayers!

    brad: well, duh! :)

    alextheodd: hee hee! yeah, i certainly don't show off that much skin, because honestly, these tattoos are for my own enjoyment. and if you are showin them at 80, i'll be in the padded room just next door. we could have Old Tatted
    Lady, Interrupted!

    Hooray for touch ups!

  5. The only tattoss I've seen gone terribly bad are midsection inks post-pregnancy.

    Lawdy but that is some sad, stretched out shit.

  6. my sis used this argument on me two nights ago. I threw a remote at her.

  7. I actually saw a 65-70 year old man with full sleeves and legs (?- sorry i'm not up with the lingo!) and it looked AWESOME. i thought of that stupid argument people give and wish i took a picture of this old guy and got his story or something... anyway yeah fuck those idiots (and i don't even have any tattoos!)


Spit it, betch!