My Wish List

Do you ever get to this point in the holiday, and you're so wrapped up in getting the perfect present for everyone that you complete, unselfishly, forget to think about what YOU might like? Yeah, I rarely do that, but this year seems to be one of those blue moons. My co-worker asked me earlier this morning what I want for Christmas, and I had no answer.

Not that I am a materialistic person, either. I'm making presents for everyone this year (everyone, that is, except my husband; sorry babe!) and it is really nice not dealing with the Christmas shopping traffic frenzy.

Anyway, so now I'm thinking about what I want. If I could have ANYTHING I wanted, what would I want? I've surprised myself with what comes to mind.

I have an amazing husband.
I have a wonderful and loving family.
I have a job that I enjoy.
I have a new house on the horizon.

I have all the things in the world that I could ever want. I am the happiest I have ever been. And these are my personal truths.

Then the devil on the other shoulder says, "What do you REALLY want?"

I want a shit-ton of money, so my time can always be my own.
I want to write, shoot, and direct a movie. (Therefore, I need a really nice digital video camera, Satan, er... I mean Santa Fairy. And Final Cut Pro 6.)
I want a full photo studio lighting setup. On a suspended grid system. Wireless.
I want a new digital camera body, and a really nice lens.
I want a pimp-ass treehouse.
I want to spend a few years in Europe, then Australia.
I want to grow the best weed money can buy.
I want an electric guitar, a stack, a drum set, an upright bass, a baby grand, and some studio microphones.

So yeah, get on that Santa Fairy, because I was thinking about this, and you've really never gotten me exactly what I asked for. It was always some cheap version of the real thing, and dammit, I wanted Keds, not the look-alikes from Wal-mart.
I guess that means you owe me.


  1. And....Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my poorly written/conceived crap.

  2. Did I just see a tumbleweed blow through here?

    Where arrrrrre yooooouuuu!!!

  3. hope you got at least some of your stuff, if not, I know you sound happy with your lot anyhow, Happy New Year !



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