Ink Makes You Think

About getting more....

And it really makes me happy...


  1. Freakin'. AWE-SOME. I still only have the one on my forearm. Once finances permit, I'm gettin' another one.

  2. That.Is.Sweet!

    And almost side boobie...awesome!

  3. Such a dainty little pattern--oh scratch that. This is really impressive.

    According to 'Glamour', 'tis the season for backless dresses for dramatic exits (unless you live in the parts of the country that is covered in ice, sleet and snow). I'm pretty sure you and Alex inspired the trend.

  4. And drinking a dogfish head to celebrate - I like yer style, dude. That better be at least a 90 minute...

    You're a BAMF.
    I'm getting my back done this winter - will send photo live as it comes along. miss you betch.

  5. that was supposed to say "photo love" - though I guess live works too.

  6. Holy inky gorgeousness Batman! I'm in love with your sleeve!

    I have my next backpiece session tomorrow afternoon and another next wednesday. YEEEEEEEE!!! I promise to actually get photos taken this time.

    'Tis the season to be painted, I'm mentally doing a happy dance for you.

  7. manny: how many fiances do you have, dude??

    onthevirg: aww, someone actually wants to see my boob. surprise, it's onthevirg. :)

    gwch:i wish i was influential enough to start a trend. Alex probably, but not me. thanks though.
    but then again, do i really want to start a trend that Glamour likes? My Bust side says Hells No.

    not-so-modest: ha! that is definitely a 90 minute. good eyes there. please send photo love, and i miss you too betch.

    alex: yay happy dance! yeah, i have to say that after getting my arm done, the back is FAR more painful. by FAR. I recommend high gravity beer to take the edge off. i can't wait to see your new work!! :) cheers.

  8. oops! HA HA HA! MY BAD.

  9. I'm sorry, Boo. I didn't know you're a Cosmo girl. I should have known, there are 'Glamour' girls and 'Cosmo' girls, and rarely do they see eye to eye on trends...;)

  10. gwch: oh NO. Cosmo?? No no no no no. I'm a NEITHER girl, honey. I'm a Bust girl. If you've never heard of it, do yourself a favor and check it out.



  11. Le gasp! Bust does international subscriptions!!!! I had no idea, I've spent ages cursing my Britishness and inability to purchase said publication

    And it's so CHEAP. That's one Xmas present for me then....

    ps. I have new ink too!!! Piccies going up this evening (a double bumper edition)

  12. awesome. i can't wait to see them.

  13. Your wish is my command Lady Boo.

    OK, I'm going to stop taking over your comments section now and go and sit quietly in the corner.

  14. Bust rocks!

    You freshly inked gals make me jealous. Not only do I need more fundage for new tats but a good designer.

    My resource for the RVA inking community up and moved away on me.


    And yes, Bust is fabulous. This coming from a girl who has a serious magazine addiction.

  15. Holy Wow! A magazine that has Marjane Satrapi and Amy Sedaris in one place must be brilliant!

    (Regarding the Cosmo v. Glamour--I was giving you a hard time. I enjoy your blog too much to imply you're a Cosmo girl).

  16. I don't take offensive at such trifling things as magazines, so no worries. thank you for your blog love! (hell, everyone reads cosmo once in a while. and every time i do, i realize why it disgusts me.) :)

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