I Want to Have Charles Tillman's Bebes.

In a figurative way, of course. But DAMN did that man save the Bear's asses last night. Against an unbeaten Packers team. Ha. Hee hee hee! Favre was P.O.'ed, and I think that was the best moment of the game. Nothing makes Bears fans happier than a pissed off Favre. Retire already so we don't have to play you, dammit!! Actually, the best moment of the game was 2 minutes left in the 4th, and Green Bay made a stupid mistake, which gave us the 5 yards we needed for a 1st down, and instead of just settling for a field goad like a bunch of weiners, Da Bears took it to the endzone. Sweet sweet victory!

And now, I would like to thank all of those who made this win possible:

Charles fucking Tillman: two forced fumbles in the 1st half, when it looked like Green Bay was going to eat us for a midnight snack.

Brian Urlacher with an interception. (I want to have his bebes too.)

Brian Griese, who only threw one interception and managed the game well. (I mean, come on, compared to the rest of the season, that shit is good.) Now if he could only learn to throw down the line. He's got the center cut run covered.

Desmond Clark. In spite of the f&*king O-LINE.

Greg Olsen, in spite of Griese's inability to throw an accurate pass down the line. Damn dude.

Our middle linebackers, who finally woke up and realized they were sucking ass in the 1st half. 2nd half? Not so much.

Devin Hester, with a hell of an offensive block. HELLO O-LINE! Let's watch some tape.

No one had less to do with this win than:

Rex Grossman.
The offensive line.

Tattoo pics to come soon, Alex, I promise. I just had to take my chance with a positive Bears post while I had it.

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